Metal Shear Restoration | Small And Cute!

24 May 2019 | about 6 months ago

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How nice and handy is this little tool? I love it! Another restoration project to take back to life and into work this metal shear.

This metal shear is made by Ficep, the same brand as my other rebar shear I restored a while back. Ficep is an Italian company founded in October 1930 by the Colombo and the Giuliani families in Gazzada As "Fabbrica Italiana Cesoie e Punzonatrici" - Italian Shears and Punching Machines Factory." Still the casting is marked as "acier forgé" that means "forged steel" in french.

Index of operation and materials:

0:58 Electrolysis in water bath, parts connected to negative, steel sacrificial anodes to positive of a 12V DC power supply (car battery charger) left overnight, drawing between 5 and 10 Amp.
1:34 Old Paint and rust fall apart after the electrolysis!
2:30 Disassembly, most nuts and bolt came out without much effort after the eltectrolysis.
3:25 Cleaning hardware with ultrasonic cleaner and alcohol
3:46 Removing any residual rust with MC-51 rust removal fluid
4:00 Cold blueing everything
4:17 Synthetic oil after the blueing
4:50 Grinding to a decent polish(400 grit on the belt grinder) the two steel jaws.
6:06 Quick wire wheel where needed
6:56 Cleaning the handle bar with the good old angle grinder and steel wire wheel
7:10 Painting BLUE because I like it better (I degreased all parts before paint)
7:52 Preparing the base, a heavy steel plate
8:07 Welding bolts to secure the shear, using the old mount as pattern
8:30 Assembly using oil on all steel surfaces
9:00 Making a copper spacer to ensure the jaws have no gap in between when closed
9:38 Painting the main marks just for fun
9:49 Designed a new sticker
10:07 Solid mounting solution, don't look at those welds tho...

I was able to shear:
0.5mm Copper
1mm Mild Steel
1.5mm Brass
2mm Nitro B stainless steel (hard stuff)
And paper like no other scissor!

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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