Ikea Ceramic Blade With Ikea Handle Material | Knife Making

30 Aug 2019 | about 3 months ago

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In this project I want to experiment with ceramic knives from Ikea. My idea was to modify one into a more interesting shape, but as it turns out this kind of ceramic is way too hard to grind or drill even with very aggressive ceramic belts or with carbide tipped drill bits.
So, without changing the blade shape I decided to just make a cool handle with more stuff from Ikea.

I think this might be an interesting entry level project for those that want to get into knife making without looking too much into the heat treatment processes, and of course the same goes for other new steel blades that should be already heat treated.

Anyway, I am really really surprised with how hard this tuff is. Just recently I bought some carbide flat stock to make a file guide but I abandoned the project because the ceramic belts I use grind that kind of carbide too easily. Maybe it's just a low grade carbide, maybe I've been ripped off, but still, I think now I know where to find some suitable material for a file guide! This stuff is crazy hard! And also very cheap compared to carbide. This set of kitchen blades I got was just under 20€. We will see...

Index of operation and materials:
Cork stabilizing process explained here:
3:30 Remove plastic handle
4:50 Brass bar as thick as the blade
5:00 Tracce the tang shape with scribe
5:40 File brass frame to shape to hold the tang
6:15 Rough grind of the handle for reference after glue-up
6:42 Drill pin holes and more holes for glue to hold
7:10 Match drill pin holes in scales
7:18 Black felt liner material as made here:
7:50 Glue-up with slow setting epoxy resin
8:20 Clean squeez-out with nitro solvent
9:00 Hand sanding up to 600 grit
9:26 Boiled linseed oil finish
9:44 Final edge with MadEdge sharpening system

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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