Greaser Restoration. An Excuse To try Out Nickel Electroplating!

20 Sep 2019 | about 2 months ago

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Restoration of a cool old greaser I found at a flea market for 1€. The greaser itself it's nothing special, no fancy brand or materials, I am restoring this to try out and exeperiment with electroplating. Nickel electroplating this time! I'll use this greaser keep my Rosa drill press nice and lubed up!

This is the video that got me started to electroplating:
And this is the recipe I followed for the nickel sulphate:

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Index of operation and materials:
1:40 First clean up with regular de-greaser.
2:30 Remove thicker dirt and dried grease with wire wheel on the bench grinder
3:03 1:1 mix of water and muriatic acid to remove everything from parts that will be plated.
Care with any acid, use protections and do outside in well ventilated area and also, fumes makes steel rust.
Nickel sulphate preparation:
3:26 Hydrogen Peroxide 80% by volume (1120ml for my 1400ml jar)
3:38 Sulfuric Acid 20% by volume (280ml for my 1400ml jar)
3:51 Pure Nickel 3% of total volume by weight (42g for my 1400ml jar)
A tiny bit of nickel ended up not dissolving, not a big deal I think I could have used a little less nickel.
5:01 5v 2a power supply, negative to parts to plate positive to nickel anodes.
6: 05 Buff out the oxide layer with fine steel whool.
7:15 Clean small parts with ultrasonic cleaner in soapy water fpr 15min.
7:50 Sand the noozle down to clean brass with sandpaper and cordless drill, quick and easy.
8:20 Remove rust from main tubing on the metal late with sandpaper.
8:44 Cold blue to darken the steel. The tube has been degreased off camera.
9:00 Thin oil applied after the cold blue.
9:15 Handle clean up, again on the drill with sandpaper.
9:40 Charred finish with a coat of boiled linseed oil

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are always welcome.
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