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How To Make A Shop Air Cleaner

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Shop Air Filter System VS Box Fan | Surprise

izzy swan

Sponsored by After spending many hours researching the effectiveness of using the box fan with a filter attached to to clean ...


The Workshop Air Cleaner Part 1

Ron Calverley

Building a homemade workshop air cleaner using an old furnace blower.


Affordable Workshop Air Filtration It Could Save Your Life | THE HANDYMAN |

The Handyman

Box fan on amazon Good Merv 13 filters on amazon


DIY Air Cleaner and Dust Filter

In this video, the Saw Dust Maker and I show you how to build your own air cleaner / dust filter for your shop, saving your lungs and a couple hundred dollars.


Mobile Air Cleaner Cart - 247

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Build A Shop Air Cleaner - 237

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How to build a Shop Air Cleaner and Paint Booth Ventilation System

Tommy Tompkins

In this video I build a Shop Air Cleaner AND Ventilation system which kills two birds with one stone by featuring an Air Cleaner and an Air Extractor in a single ...


Workshop Air Cleaner / Pleated Dust Filter / Activated Carbon VOC Scrubber Test

Savvas Papasavva

In this video I built an air filter to capture dust with G4 pleated filters, and attempted an activated carbon scrubber. Check out Jack Houweling's version here: ...


Air Filtration Unit for the Shop


This is a long and detailed project combining "wood", metal and electrical work. The filtration unit is built to be cheap and flexible in operation; utilizing filter fabric ...


How To Make A Shop Air Cleaner / Air Filter

You can follow me on Instagram: I like how this makes use of a previously unused part of my shop, and isn't in the way ...


261 - Air Quality Upgrades

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How Effective Is My Air Cleaner?

I Build It Scrap Bin

The air cleaner build video: It's been a few months of fairly normal use for my air cleaner, so I thought I'd remove and vacuum out ...


Workshop air cleaner

Matthias Wandel

A workshop air cleaner with homemade pleated filter and motor from an oscillating fan.


Even Better DIY Air Cleaner and Dust Filter


Can the best DIY Air Cleaner and Dust Filter be made even better? Yes it can - using scrap plywood! Richard's Channel - The Sawdust Maker ...


Are shop air filters worth it? Grizzly 0738 review

Ekim Knives

Grinding dust of any sort is not only detrimental to our health, but it also wreaks havoc on our equipment! Will a hanging shop filter help in the never ending battle ...


How to Build a Work Shop Air Cleaner / Purifier and Dust Collector

Matt Burns

In this video I show you how I built my workshop air cleaner: 1. Frame is made of 2x3's and 2x4's skinned with 1/4" plywood. 2. The motor and fan assembly ...


Vlog #82: Air Cleaner Cart Follow-up.....and stuff.

Video notes: These videos are short project and everyday updates.


Building a $20 Air Cleaner

I built myself an air cleaner with a $20 box fan, furnace filters and scrap wood. ***MUSIC CREDIT*** ***FOLLOW ME ON*** Instagram ...


Super Simple Workshop Dust Filter for $30!


Jason details his super simple dust filtration system in his workshop. Add this to your own workshop today for under $30. Help clear the dust from the air without ...