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Woodworking - Making a segmented box

Making a segmented box, hope you like it, enjoy!. Etsy shop website ...


Woodworking - Making a 3d Tumbling cutting board

Etsy shop website ...


Segmenting Sled / Jig For Perfect Segments Every Time!

2 years ago Carl Jacobson

Checkout my new video If segmentation is something you're interested ...


How To Make A Segmented Vase - SE Woodwork

1 year ago Sean Evelegh

In this video I will be making a segmented vase! This design as far as I know, has not be done before! It is a mixture of woods like a chaos vase! The new method ...


Woodworking, How A Carpenter Says I Love You

I never would have guessed that building a cliche woodworking project like a wood jewellery box would be one of my very best pieces to date. Need carving ...


Making a segmented bowl on the wood lathe

6 years ago Cedar Adventures

Found some plans on how to turn a segmented bowl so I gave it a try, and happy with the results. Here is a link to where I found the plans for this ...


A Guide to Stave Construction for Woodworking and Woodturning

4 years ago Gord Rock

Stave construction is a great way to make cylinders without needing to buy large dimension wood. This is a simple method very easily accomplished.


How to Make Segmented Bowl Turning Blanks

8 months ago WoodworkersJournal

Turning bowls that are made from segmented turning blanks is a popular woodturning technique. Segmented bowl turning blanks are made from many pieces of ...


Turning a Segmented Yarn Bowl from Beetle Pine

1 year ago Brian Benham

Just Making some christmas gifts from beetle pine, by doing a little wood turning on the lathe. Turning a yarn bowl where I show how to cut the slot in the bowl for ...


How To Make Gorgeous Segmented Boxes on the Band Saw

3 years ago Darbin Orvar

Subscribe for weekly projects! Using maple and walnut I make segmented boxes on the band saw using my circle cutting jig. In total I made about 9 boxes w/ lids ...


Segmented Walnut and Maple Bowl

5 years ago frank howarth

This video is of a wood turned segmented walnut and maple bowl inspired by traditional tapa cloth patterning. I did this video all with a stop motion technique ...


How To Make a Resin and Wood Bowl

I'm back on the lathe for another woodturning project where I'll show you how to make a segmented bowl with epoxy resin rings. This was my first time turning a ...


#113 Building a Segmented Vase Part 2

2 years ago Stephen Ogle

Part 2 of this series starts by cutting and planing my stock. We then move into cutting the segments that will make up each ring in the vase and finish this video ...


Segmented Walnut Vase

16" tall 11" wide 600+ pieces Top ring is made of Box Elder. Maple veneer between walnut segments. Music by my friend, Blake. Check out his SoundCloud ...


Woodworking Projects: How to Make a Moxon Vise on the Cheap

How to build a Moxon Vise on the Cheap, in this Woodworking project video we are going to learn how to make a Moxon Vise, this project would also be easy for ...


Making a Segmented Faux Brick Tumbler

7 months ago Le PicBois

In this video I made a segmented travel mug that looks like a brick wall! This one took forever to make but I think it's worth it! Let me know what you think in the ...


Making Segmented Wood Wedding Rings | Woodworking Project

1 year ago Make Something

Making segmented wood wedding rings using the Carvey by Inventables. Every year my wife and I retire our old rings and make new ones. I'm using cocobolo ...


Wood Turning - Beginners Guide #2 - A Lidded Box

4 years ago Mike Waldt

In the second of the Beginners Guide series I show you one of the methods I use to turn a simple lidded box from Sapele, sent to me by Tom Scandian, thanks ...


How To Make A Segmented Yin Yang Platter DIY Woodturning Projects

3 years ago Carl Jacobson

Checkout my new video I turned this classic Yin Yang design using ...


Part 1 - Making a segmented bowl

7 years ago SegmentedTurner

This covers much of the design and initial construction of a new segmented bowl. I am currently working on it and will post the next installment soon.