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Creating a Walnut Burl and Crushed Blue Opal Wood Ring

Tempest Rings

In this weekly video I am making a wood ring from scratch using walnut burl, crushed blue opal and a light blue epoxy core. I tried to be as comprehensive as ...


Ring of wood without much effort!

Dashing Axe

Handmade ring of wood Оur group on Facebook - And today we'll prove it. Three rings with three different ...


Making Galaxy Resin Rings with Junk Wood

In today's video, Patrick Adair uses resin and wood to cast a block for making rings. The color pigments and pearlescent powders make the resin portion of the ...


DIY Wood Ring

Want to learn how to make your own wood ring?? No? Want to waste 5 minutes? Yes? Watch this video!


How To Make a Wood Ring Making Machine

izzy swan

Making wood rings is a fun way to use up small scrap wood. I built this wood ring making machine with a drill and it works Great. This is collaborative project I did ...




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How to make Wood Rings - bent veneer w brass Zelda Triforce inlay


Free Project Sheets and helpful info in the video description. Check it out. In this video I show you how to add a brass inlay but you can keep it simple if you want ...


Creating a Walnut and Copper Bentwood Ring

Tempest Rings

This weeks video is a quarter sawn walnut ring with a copper core and inlay. This ring is completely encased in alumiUV resin for an extremely strong finish.


Making a wood ring with basic tools

Bruce Chastain

In this video I show how I made my first wooden ring with just basic tools. Music by Ant_DK.


Prehistoric Stone Jewelry - Making a petrified wood ring with Waterjet channel

You can watch part one of this video where the Waterjet Channel made a petrified 2x4 here: Here's a link to my Kickstarter ...


How To Make a Simple Wooden Ring! | Walnut.

Eli's Workshop

Hello everyone today i made this wooden ring. I used a scrap piece of walnut to make it out of. i used the easiest method i know to make it. I first started by ...


How to Make Wood Wedding Rings | Quick and Easy

Make Something

Wood veneer rings / bentwood ring step-by-step tutorial. A quick and easy project that can be done without many expensive tools. Casper has sponsored this ...


Rice inlaid wood ring

Waste Art

Try to use rice inlays, special works.


Wood or Copper and Wood Rings

Blessed Farm

This is one way to make Wood or Copper and Wood Rings with basic material. Wood shavings, glue, copper piece, copper wire, sandpaper, file, and polish.


Turning a Comfort Ring Core (Woodturning Project)

We'll show you how to turn a wooden ring kit on your lathe. Shop Rings: ...


How To Make A DIY Chunky Wood Ring - DIY Style Tutorial - Guidecentral

Guidecentral is a fun and visual way to discover DIY ideas learn new skills, meet amazing people who share your passions and even upload your own DIY ...


Making an epoxy resin and wood ring

Scrap wood City

In this video I make a ring, using clear epoxy and a broken piece of wood. Tools and materials I propose: Resin: Vacuum chamber kit: ...


002 - Turning scrap wood into a ring

Paul Jenkins

Wherein I turn a scrap of rosita (Hyeronima alchorneoides) into a ring for my wife using the drill press and a lathe. This is one of a few different techniques for ...


Making A Silver & Walnut Wood Ring With A Stone Setting From Start To Finish

Zebrano Wood Craft

In this video I will show you how I made a Silver & Wood Ring with a stone setting from start to finish! Please feel free to leave me a comment with any questions ...


Make Wood Rings on the Drillpress


Video demonstrates how to make a beautiful ring with a bentwood core which makes a very sturdy ring that can be worn daily. I mounted a trim router to my ...