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Wind turbine is on fire


5 Wind Turbines which Failed (Enviromental friendly?)

2 years ago Engineering World

Windmill Failures Nearly 120 wind turbines catch fire each year, according to a research - ten times the number reported by the industry. The researchers claim ...


Best Wind Turbine CRASH/FAIL Compilation HD 2016

2 years ago MR Videos

The Best Windmill clips.


Wind Turbine Spirals on Fire | Earth, Wind, and Fire

2 years ago JukinVideo

A wind turbine in Tamilnadu, India was spinning out of control until it eventually created so much heat it burst into flames. While the fire was unfortunate and ...


Drone Captures Man Sunbathing on Wind Turbine

A drone pilot in Rhode Island captured video of a man sunbathing on top of a 200 ft. tall wind turbine. The man pleasantly waves at the drone. Hi and welcome to ...


Windmill Fire Live Video Palladam Tamilnadu 2016

2 years ago 4ze Technology

After Fired Turbine click Another Angle In this video: ...


6 Haunting Last Moments Captured on Camera

An asortment of the most chilling photographs to be captured on camera. Welcome to Esoteric Detective, my name is Emma. We take photos every day. But out ...


Top 5. Accidents at windmills | Wind turbine | Fire | Destruction | Demolition !!!

2 years ago FailDaSK

Top 5. Accidents at windmills | Wind turbine | Fire | Destruction | Demolition !!! Ветрогенератор (ветроэлектрическая установка или сокращенно...


WindTurbine on fire

What can go wrong with a Wind Turbine.


Wind Turbine CRASH ¦¦ Windmill Fire Best ¦¦ Wind Turbine Fails ¦¦ Fails ¦¦ Vine

2 years ago FailDaSK

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Wind Turbine after fire in Sublette, Illinois - 4K

3 years ago Elginet

Severe weather is believed to the be the cause of this windmill fire in Sublette, Illinois. The are had just had tornados tear through the area, but no cause has ...


Wind Turbine EXPLOSION ¦¦ Windmill Fire Best ¦¦ Fails - Vine

8 months ago FailDASK Channel

On new videos: Support the project !!! Donate - Wind Turbine EXPLOSION ¦¦ Windmill Fire Best ¦¦ Wind Turbine ...


walking on windmill blade 300 feet over ground!

7 years ago Danny Strasser

YOU WANT TO SEE MORE? Basejumper Jojo Rose is going for a little walk on a wind generator blade...


Windfarm turbine fire Ardrossan 08/12/11

7 years ago weesid

This is the wind turbine near Ardrossan that went on fire during the high winds in December 2011. This was taken from over a mile away, I struggled to keep the ...

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Wind Turbine Accidents

2 years ago Steven John


Wind Turbine Fire And Explosion

2 years ago Zebra Comet

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Fire wind turbine

3 years ago Impulse Storm


Extreme Accidents and Fires in Wind Turbines

Extreme Accidents and Fires in Wind Turbines #kriminális.


Wind Turbine Blade Caught on Fire and Fell off, Portela Portugal

Wind Turbine Blade Caught on Fire, breaking apart and Falling off, mechanical fault was the reason? Portela Portugal ****************************** Trending and ...


This is what happens when a wind turbine catches on fire

2 years ago 7WiG