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Widening steelies


Widening some Volvo steelies. From 6" wide to 9" and 9,5". Recorded with Nokia N8.


Why Not to Put Wheel Spacers on Your Car

Scotty Kilmer

Wheel spacers explained and why not to buy them for your car. Why Not to Put Wheel Spacers on Your Car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Wheel spacers good or bad?


Widening steel rims 6" to 10"


14" diameter wheel from 6" wide to 10" wide. Speed 12,5rpm feed 0,07mm/rpm. Modified Sandvik carbide insert about 2,5mm wide.


Wheel Spacers & Adapters - Good Or Bad?

Are wheel spacers safe? Are wheel spacers a good idea? Integra Wheel Spacers - Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday!


The 5 MYTHS About Wheel Spacers

Custom Offsets

"Will spacers help my fitment?" "What size spacers do I need?" "Are spacers safe?" Here are the TOP 5 MYTHS about wheel spacers! We get questions on ...


1963 Ford 300 427 4-Speed 4 Door Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 309 V8TV


We normally don't associate high-performance 1960s cars with having 4 doors, but we also don't see many 1960s 4-door sedans powered by high-compression ...


Negative Offset, Positive Offset, What Does It All Mean?

Kami Speed

On this weeks One Minute Or More Video we discuss the difference between Negative and Positive Offset and what they all mean. I hope you enjoy! Make sure ...


Mini secreto para no usar separador

tincho 79

En llantas 15" 16" 17"


Te explicamos más sobre el ET de una llanta

El Offset o más conocido como ET de una llanta de aluminio es el gran desconocido, es importante conocer como funciona para no equivocarte al comprar tus ...



Fitment Industries

On this episode of Wheel History, we dig into the rich history of Cragar Wheels. We go all the way back to 1930 when they were first founded by Crane Grartz.


изготовление разварок, первый опыт.

ручная работа разварок.


How to bead up a stubborn tire


Sure we all know how to mount a tire right? We'll that's what I though until I had one of my new guys struggle for an hour trying to get a stubborn tire to bead up.


Measure for Custom Wheel & Tire Sizes - Summit Racing Quick Flicks

Summit Racing

Upgrading wheels and tires can make the look of your vehicle. Mike walks you through the key points of how to measure for wheels and tires on your custom or ...


The Best Place To Mount Your Smartphone In Your Car? Car Mount Review 2017


Get the best car mount for the right location. 5 places to your mount your smartphone and the best mounts for each location! Get the best mounts through ...


Hub centric rings - do you need them?

driving 4 answers

A few days ago I noticed my car had a weird vibration at speeds above 40 mph. I thought I had a bad wheel or maybe steering rack problems or something else ...


How to Create Custom Wide Body Quarterpanels

This video shows the process our master metal fabricators went through creating a custom all steel six inch wide body kit on a 1969 Ford Mustang.This extensive ...


Measuring Wheel Bolt Pattern & Types of Lug Nuts

Summit Racing

Finding the right wheel bolt pattern is easy and Mike walks you through the basics to find the right custom wheel for your vehicle. Listen closely as Mike ...


Poniendo neumático estrecho (165/55/13) en llanta ancha (Smoor 7x13")

alejandro martin

Talonando una rueda... bueno, sólo un lado... en otro video aparece el talonamiento total.


Wheel Offset and Backspacing Explained

CJ Pony Parts In this CJ's Resource Center video, Freddy & the crew at CJ's explain wheel ...


How to measure wheel offset - THE EASY WAY!


In this short tutorial, I show you how to measure offset using my 17" OZ Fittipaldi, 3 Piece wheels as an example. Steps: 1. Loosen lug bolts 2. Jack the car up ...