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Hack: Use The Same Razor For Years | Basics

2 years ago AskMen

Who doesn't hate spending tons of money on razors every month? With this hack you can use the same razor blade for up to a year if not longer. This pretty ...


Tutorial: Learn How To Shave With a Safety Razor

3 years ago Executive Shaving

An introduction to Wet Shaving and How To Shave with a Double Edge Safety Razor. Brian Mulreany of Executive Shaving (aka. DoctorShave) takes you ...


How to Shave with a Straight Razor | AoM Instructional

4 years ago Art of Manliness

Enjoy this introduction to Straight Razor shaving in this video version of the popular Art of Manliness article: ...


How to Shave with a Safety Razor | AoM Instructional

5 years ago Art of Manliness

Enjoy this introduction to safety razor shaving in this video version of the popular Art of Manliness article: ...


Beginner Buyer's Guide to Straight Razors

4 years ago RazorEmporium

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How to Ride Jetts!

2 years ago RazorWorldwide

How to ride Jetts from Razor! Watch the full video for a complete tutorial on how to ride the new Razor Jetts! Always wear appropriate safety equipment. Exercise ...


Introduction to The Raiser's Edge

6 years ago Blackbaud

Overview of Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge.


how to shave with a Parker SR1 Shavette straight razor

4 years ago BeeJay Shaving

In this video I go over the basics of shaving with a Parker SR1 shavette. The SR1 is a pretty basic and inexpensive tool that's great for someone that's just getting ...


Best How to Shave with a Straight Razor Tutorial for Beginners Straight Razor

5 years ago Lynn Abrams

Demonstration of straight razor shaving for new folks. Showing different width blades with proper angles and transition from Shavette to real straight razor.


Cutting Hair With a Razor: Do's and Don'ts

How many of you have recommended a razor cut to that client who had just one unfavorable end result with a razor? You know the one, “I don't ever want my ...


She's Cut Paper with Tiny Blades Every Day for Two Years

10 months ago CBC Arts

Annyen Lam's Tiny Blades Project showed her process is more important than the product. »Subscribe to CBC Arts to watch more videos: ...


Five Ways to Extend the Life of Your Razors

2 years ago TPSY

Why spend a fortune?


One BIG Problem With Electric Razors...and 3 Ways To Solve It! - Click here to read the article - One BIG Problem With Electric Razors ...


How to Prevent Razor Burn

4 years ago nick shaves

Thanks for watching! I hope that you find my videos informational and enjoyable. The key to any great shave is technique, and there are lots of great products to ...


Crazy Cart Ride Guide [HD]

5 years ago RazorWorldwide

How do you ride the Crazy Cart? Let us tell you: Step 1: Get a Crazy Cart. Step 2: Watch this video. Step 3: Go have fun! Always wear appropriate safety ...


How to Use Clippers when Grooming a Shaggy-Haired Dog : Dog Grooming

5 years ago eHow

Subscribe Now: Watch More: When using clippers to groom a ...


Extend the life of your razor

Before you change blades on your razor, try this trick. In the rinse water stream, run your thumb (carefully) down the blades (top to bottom, NOT along the blades ...


How to Shave - Shaving Tips for Men | Gillette

6 years ago Gillette

Wondering How to Shave? Gillette can help! Find the right shaving products for you: ...


The Good Life: Double Edge Safety Razors (Episode #1A)

5 years ago suburban sentinel

This is a primer on double edge safety razors for those of you considering traditional wet shaving. Here we review the basics of double edge razor function and ...


Razor sharping, extend life of razors

6 years ago Eagle Prepper