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Diresta: Upcycling Packaging

2 years ago Make:

I buy these glasses about 1 pair per month! I lose them, break them, scratch them! I have many of the boxes - I cant toss them because they are well made!


Packaging Upcycling & More

Sharing some packaging & recycling ideas. Here's a link to my tutorial on the altered ...


How to make stickers | Recycling (upcycling) packaging plastic

1 year ago Amé's

This is a quick video about how to make stickers in an "eco-friendly" way. If you have any question, tell me in the comments and I will answer I recorded with my ...


Junk Journal Tags - upcycling product labels & packaging

4 months ago Kylie Coo Studio

I have load of clothes tags and products labels and packaging to use up and my cardboard journal from last week spurred me on to use more - so in this video I ...


What To Do With Empty Beauty Bottles

5 months ago As/Is

What do you do with all those empties? As/Is Boldly has changed its name to As/Is--don't worry, it's the same content you know and love! Subscribe for daily ...


Upcycled Packaging

4 years ago Scrapbook Expo

On Today's Tip Of The Day we have Caroline Lau from Maya Road sharing some great tips on transforming trash into treasure.


Upcycling shipping packages into Reusable Tote Bags + Old Navy Haul

4 weeks ago DuckInYellow

Hello Beautiful Friends! In today's video, I wanted to share how I upcycled the packaging that my Old Navy order came in into a reusable bag. I used Duct Tape ...


Upcycling Thrift Finds (And Eco-Friendly Packaging)

2 weeks ago Sarah Types

Today I have a thrift store haul that I have up-cycled with some lettering and creativity! I bought some items from local thrift shops, asos marketplace and thred up!


Thank You Card - Upcycling Packaging

6 years ago Natasha Hensel

USTREAM: My Blog: MOR Cosmetics ...


Upcycling the ssd-drive packaging as a mounting frame

2 years ago Creative Vegan

I used the plastic packaging to mount my new ssd-drive. * * * * Music: Support Meizong:


Thing(s) #6 EYE Books Upcycled from Packaging ~DancesWithPitBulls ~ #100thingschallenge

Eye see what you did there...Help me pick which one to put in the prize package. #6 in my #100thingschallenge ...


Upcycled Greeting Cards and Packaging Your Cards for Sale. Stampin' Up!

4 years ago Aussie Stampers

Thinking of selling your hand made cards? Here are some tips for presenting your cards for sale, as well as how to upcycle old greeting cards. Quick and Easy ...


11 Objects to Keep to Upcycle for Crafts Projects - Trash to Art

2 years ago Erin Reed Makes

Save things from landfill to make amazing home decor and art projects with - a great way to upcycle and repurpose!! Save items from packaging, boxes, jars, ...


Upcycle That Packaging

4 years ago Scrapbook Expo

Mandy from SEI shows us some great ways to utilize that cute packaging that some of our scrapbooking supplies come in. What a way to create great projects ...


UpCycle Your Packaging

5 months ago Purple Carrot

Breaking it all down. Five genius ways to reuse your plastic containers, maximize organization and minimize clutter (and waste!) in your day-to-day with our ...

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Upcycling e-commerce packaging

2 years ago Upcycle Mania


Upcycling Makeup Containers - 6 DIYS from used Cosmetics Containers

1 year ago Upcycle Mania

Hey there ! Here is a video of 6 different DIYS / 6 different ways to reuse discarded makeup containers . DIY #1 - Table top Daily motivation from Oriflame body ...


Upcycling bubble wrap, styrofoam and other packaging materials

2 months ago PhxtoNash

It cost more in gas to bring the materials to the recycling place then it's worth in the end product. Because these products are too bulky and too lightweight. We all ...


Upcycling Old Cardboard Packaging

2 years ago Au Derek

Upcycling Old Cardboard Packaging from Dell carton box to a Boom Box.


Upcycling e-commerce packaging cardboard 1) DIY Paper bag / basket from cardboard

2 years ago Upcycle Mania

Hey there ! I am super excited to present my fourth video !! Do watch the super easy way to upcycle a cardboard used in packaging to a beautiful ...