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Twin Engined Chamberlain Tractor


Twin 671 Detroit Engined 18Ton Chamberlain Tractor, 12 wheels put the power to the ground, it pulls a Shearer 62ft wide seeder, 105 sowing rows, 6Ton of ...


International Harvester 400 Diesel Twin Engine Garrett Tractor - Classic Tractor Fever

This tractor was built by Dewight Garrett in 1956 and consists of two International 400 Diesel Tractor engines mounted side by side. The tractor belongs to Harry ...


Chamberlain Tractor with 8V71 Detriot Diesel


Chamberlain Tractor fitted with an 8V71 Detriot Diesel at the Allora Heritage Weekend 28/1/2012.


Twin Cylinder, Dual Engine, John Deere Tractor PSATMA 2011


These dual engine setups were pretty rare. This is a very nice restoration. I think this is a Model R or Double R as they say.




This great old Chamberlain 40k tractor was built in 1950 in Western Australia and is still working hard 68 years later, very much like the man at the wheel.


Rare Ford dual drive tractor working @ Fingal show 2013

These type of tractos were modified from two separate tractors by ba company in England in the 1960's. Apologies for the wind noise.


Siamese Twin D8 BullDozer

Glen Ghilotti

Ed Akin had a dream to recreate a Siamese Twin D8 Tractor. Ed discussed his idea with Glen Ghilotti. Glen was passionate about Ed's dream too, so they ...


Chamberlain Story

CJD Equipment celebrates 40 years' in business on 4th February 2014. As this milestone approaches we look back over the years' - right back to the start in ...


1960 Super 70 Chamberlain tractor pulling 5 tonnes

Michele Jedlicka

Dudley Gooda on his 1960 Chamberlain Super 70 tractor pulling the five tonne monster used in the 2015 Inverell Pioneer Machinery Rally.


A 500 Horsepower Homemade Giant — the Story Behind the Honey Bee 2WD Tractor


Looking to add a bigger tractor to their farm and save some money along the way, Greg and Glenn Honey of Bracken, Saskatchewan spent the winter of 1978-79 ...


Chamberlain Australian Innovator

Early 1950's footage of Chamberlain Tractors and Implements, built in Western Australia. From the Ken Buck Collection.


Large Homemade Tractor

Carl Unger



My Top gear episode for the Chamberlain Countryman C6100 Tractor.

Anton Wilson

My Top gear episode for the Chamberlain Countryman C6100 Tractor.


Agricultural Tractors in Australia 1900 - 1959_Part-1

The tractor factor, is video scrapbook that features extremely rare footage of Australian made tractors in action. Included are the Ronaldson Bros & Tippet Super ...


The Tractor - when men built their own machines

Matthew Polack

This mini documentary tells the story of 'The Tractor', a custom 'double header' tractor combination built by 3 brothers in country Australia in the 1950's using ...


Agricultural Tractors in Australia 1900 - 1959 Episode-5

Episode 5 of the Tractor Factor, explores the birth of the Australian designed Chamberlain tractor. From the birth of the first Chamberlain tractor produced which ...


Tractor Magazine: What goes on inside - Chamberlain DA 55

Tractor reader, Andrew Camden, found this unusual Chamberlain DA 55 at the Western Australian Brookton Motor show in March 2012. The owner said there ...


Chamberlain Champion 9G 1965

Jillian Ronald

A day in the Country in your Chamberlain Champion!


1957 Custom Built Tractor & Forage Chopper in Iowa

Machinery Pete

Machinery Pete is in Garner, IA and discovers a Custom Built tractor from 1957 & a custom built self-propelled forage chopper from the mid 1950's. Pete talks ...


Meet Big Bud, the largest tractor in the world


You can see Big Bud at a museum in Iowa. Subscribe to KCCI on YouTube now for more: Get more Des Moines news: Like ...