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Googly Eye Bowl

2 years ago krtwood

Turning a walnut bowl with inlay of googly eyes. Why? Because. Before you tell me to use a vacuum or pressure pot to get rid of bubbles, think about what would ...


Milliput Bowl Inlay

2 years ago Peter Brown

Start with a hunk of walnut firewood, and add some two part epoxy putty and you've got a very striking looking bowl! Milliput is awful sticky stuff to work with, but ...


Woodturning at 54a. #89. Sycamore bowl with Yew inlays.

2 years ago Keith Barrow

Sycamore bowl,with slices of a branch of Yew set in epoxy resin round the rim. Yorkshire Grit:


Woodturning A Segmented Walnut Bowl

6 years ago frank howarth

I had a walnut bowl that I had started to hollow out, but never finished. It developed several severe cracks in it. I first cut the bowl into five pieces: three that I ...


Cosmic Clouds Platter

Tim shows you how to make woodturner Gary Lowe's 'Cosmic Clouds' painted platter. Using iridescent paint Tim creates a shimmering surface that has intense ...


#60 - Woodturning Burr Burl Oak Winged Bowl with Copper Inlay

In this week's woodturning project, I go kinda longways rather than completely round with a winged burr oak bowl with copper powder infill. Find out more about ...


Stone Wall Inspired Bowl

3 years ago krtwood

I turn a bowl from walnut scraps and epoxy that reminds me of a rock wall. Sponge Bowl: Frank Howarth's ...


The Big Bowl Turning: Stacked Ring Technique

4 years ago ThisWoodwork

Turning a big 19.5" x 6" bowl out of maple and cherry, using the really cool process of stacked ring lamination. The concept is similar segmented bowl turning, ...


Walnut inlay bowl

3 years ago Mark Dolan


Osage Orange Bowl w/Epoxy Core

1 year ago Ty Moser

I've always heard great things about turning osage orange from friends but never got the chance to try it myself as it's not typically the type of wood you can walk ...


Maple Clouds

2 years ago frank howarth

This is a wood turned segmented bowl made from walnut and maple. I built the form of the bowl from rings each made up of 12 segments. I then cut cloud forms ...


Woodturning The Leftovers Bowl

My name is Jim Overton, welcome to my channel. Thanks for watching. Please like, share and subscribe. Yorkshire Grit ...


Woodturning - Box with Inlay (Apoxie Sculpt)

2 years ago Jason Lowrie

I enjoy finding new ways to embellish woodturning projects, and have seen several videos of turners using Milliput epoxy. In looking for similar products, I found ...


Wood turning - Guide on inlay Milliput epoxy bowl and review of Padauk wood.

1 year ago CraftWithAfshin

Hi everyone today I will be turning a Padauk bowl with Milliput inlay, I have never turned Padauk before but it turned out to be very beautiful wood with ...


Walnut Worm Wood Bowl

1 year ago Peter Brown

Look Ma' there's bug holes in my bowl! I had a very different bowl in mind when I started this project, but quickly changed directions when I found the bug tracks.


Wood Turning Purple Heart Pendant

7 years ago Carl Jacobson

Checkout my new video My New Channel ...


Sycamore Bowl with Indexed Acrylic Inlay

My name is Jim Overton, welcome to my channel. In this video I turn a sycamore bowl with an indexed acrylic inlay. Please wear a proper respirator and use dust ...


#86 Owl! Sphere Jig Woodturning Project

Finally got enough time to film a project video and here is a very cute woodturned owl ornament. For the sphere, I used the Paul Howard Sphere Cutting Jig ...


Sponge Bowl

3 years ago krtwood

Making a bowl from sponges and epoxy.


Spiral Inlay and Curved Drawers

4 years ago krtwood

Experimenting with a spiral inlay made from hand plane shavings in epoxy and curved drawers. Template: ...