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Turn Pennies Silver and Gold (Chemistry Trick)

8 years ago NurdRage

In this video we turn copper pennies into silver and finally to gold. Obviously it's a chemistry trick but still impressive. First we get 30g of zinc sulfate and dissolve ...


A Safer Gold Rush Peny Lab | Chemistry Minute

4 years ago FlinnScientific

Try this new, safer method of doing the popular gold and silver pennies lab. You'll get the same gleaming results using this innovative procedure that's safer for ...


Making a "Gold" Penny (Chemistry Trick)

1 year ago Chemistry Lab

In this video we turn copper pennies into gold :) Intro music: Your Intro par Audionautix est distribué sous la licence Creative Commons Attribution ...


Turning copper into 'silver' and 'gold'


Make money Turn Pennies Silver and Gold (Chemistry Trick) make money at home !

6 years ago Iloveyou52013141

Do you want to make more money?Here are the most practical way to make money, the answer lies in


How to Make Gold Pennies!

9 months ago Beals Science

Learn how to turn pennies into silver pennies and into gold pennies with this science experiment from Beals Science. Craig Beals explains how to plate a penny ...


Making a "Gold" Penny - A Copper/Zinc Alloy (Brass)

4 years ago Wayne Breslyn

The alloy brass can be made by melting copper and zinc metals together to form a homogeneous mixture. In the video we start with a regular penny and then ...


Turn Pennies Silver and Gold Chemistry Trick

5 years ago Jake G Click Here for FREE SILVER, Yes I said FREE SILVER You can't get any if you don't Click.


Penny Chemistry Experiments

5 years ago HooplaKidzLab

Learn about the chemistry of metals from HooplaKidzLab by using chemistry to clean pennies and oxidize them! Take out the pennies and rinse them out in ...


How to turn copper coins into gold ("Alchemist's gold" experiment)

1 year ago MEL Science

For cool and safe experiments to do at home sign up to MEL Science here: In this simple and amazing experiment, we teach you how to ...


How to Turn a silver quarter into a Gold quarter

3 years ago Silverarmydogs

Turn a silver quarter gold and turn a quarter into a copper plated or copper coated quarter! Giveaway ends next week! [closed] Rules: 1. Be a subscriber 2.


Turn Pennies Silver and Gold

3 months ago Primordial Soup

Note: The following video is a chemistry trick of turning pennies silver and gold; through the simple process of "Electroplating." Electroplating is a process that ...


How to turn pennies to silver and to gold

3 years ago Jennifer Kim


Turning copper pennies silver and gold

This type of thing was what alchemists tried to do way back, until we started to properly understand chemistry and the behaviour of metals i.e. turning less ...


How to do Gold and Silver Pennies

1 year ago Phil Hampton

A penny is soaked in a a mixture of zinc powder and sodium hydroxide and heated leading to silver and gold pennies.


Make Silver and Gold Pennies the Safe Way

I have seen many demonstrations of making pennies turn gold and silver in color, but many of them use corrosive or toxic chemicals such as sodium hydroxide ...


Gold Rush-Turning Pennies into Silver & Gold

3 years ago Jennifer Kim


Make Copper, Silver and Gold Pennies

9 years ago

Turn pennies from copper to silver then to gold with a few household chemicals.


Chemistry experiment 17 - Silver and gold colored coin

5 years ago koen2all

In this electrochemical reaction a copper coin is zinc plated. After heating the coin, a gold colored alloy called brass is formed.


Penny into gold

6 years ago Victor Chen

Can we turn a penny into gold using sodium hydroxide, zinc, and heat?