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Run out of C - D cells ? use AA battery Instead


Use AA batteries in the place of anything requiring C cells or D cells. The voltage of all these cells is the exact same. The only difference is the capacity(how long ...


Turn an AA Battery into a C Battery!


This easy trick will turn an AA battery into a C Battery for FREE! More Mini Hacks here: While "AA" and "C" batteries have the same 1.5 volts ...


Gadget Guy - Convert AA batteries to C and D


The Gadget Guy demonstrates battery adapters that convert AA batteries to C and D. A how-to sequence gives instructions on taking apart a 9-volt battery to get ...


Replace AAA, AA, C, D, batteries with Li-Po (Li-ion) pack

Data 795

Upgrade your device to Li-Po (Li-ion) battery from AAA, AA, C, D batteries, -Please note I am not an electrician, all projects are at your own risk. Parts list JST ...


Turning AA batteries into C batteries!

Tres Marias

Making AA's into C battery!


EASY DIY AA To D Cell Battery Spacers Battery Hack

John Strabismus

Home made battery spacers. These are fun, inexpensive, easy and fast to make. Chinese battery spacers are cheap, but if you want to make your own, you can.


C to AA Battery Conversion

Dennis Evers

How to use a AA Battery in a C Battery Device in an Emergency.


Battery hack: How to turn AA Battery into AAA Battery


If you need AAA battery for emergency and only have an AA battery, here is how you can modify it to fit into an AAA slot.


3 Incredible Life Hacks for Battery


3 Incredible Life Hacks for Battery Subscribe for new interesting videos! Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: ...


LifeHack: How to use AA battery instead of C battery

Ruslan B

LifeHack: How to use AA battery instead of C battery)


Battery Hack - Battery Tip for AA & AAA Batteries

WatzUp Today

Have you ever ran out of batteries? Ok, here is a quick fix and it was for my sons toy that takes AA batteries but instead I only had AAA batteries. It works, and no ...


Using AA batteries to replace D batteries, How to Convert a AA Battery to D

Igi Sivi

Using AA batteries to replace D batteries, How to Convert a AA Battery to D. KoriĊĦtenje AA baterija kao za zamjenu D baterija, Kako pretvoriti AA baterije da se ...


How To Replace AA Batteries with AAA Batteries a Battery Trick


This is a trick I learned on the web one day while searching for a way to replace my batteries without having to go to the store. This is a quick and simple way to ...


Dummy AA batteries with AC-Adapter



You can use AA batteries for C batteries.

Jynxie Wavemaiden


How To Test Standard AA, AAA, D, C, and 9V Batteries with a Multimeter


Testing the condition of batteries isn't as simple as measuring the voltage with a meter. In this video I'll show you how to quickly determine the condition of any ...


Using a C Battery for a D


In a pinch when you can't find a D battery..but you have a C available.......


Diy rechargeable c batteries from AA

Tyler D

Learn how to make your own c rechargeable batteries by using double a rechargeable batteries and some tape or paper to make a casing so that the AA ...


How To: Coin Cell to AA Battery Conversion Adapter

How to convert coin cell and button cell batteries to AA or AAA batteries. In this video we convert a diabetes glucose meter from a cr2032 battery to AA and AAA ...


Turn an AA Battery into a C Battery!