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Tree Root, Oak And Glass Coffee Table: Reborn From Disaster............... DSNERV


So the glass finally arrived and I am able to post the conclusion to my Tree Root Coffee Table Disaster video. I hope you all like the direction I decided to take ...


Tree Root Coffee Table Disaster....................... DSNERV


OK so I have spent to much time and given myself far to many hand blisters sawing through this root to give up on it now. The original plan was to create a ...


Root Into Table Transformation

Scott takes another try at making something useful out of a root stump he pulled from the woods. This time it worked out pretty good! Find us on FaceBook: ...


tea root table ( )


I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (


Shadow Box Coffee Table

Wood U Make It

My neighbor is retiring from the U.S. Navy and he asked me to build a shadow box coffee table to display all of his memorabilia. Watch as we build this piece of ...


How to make a table from a tree root

From the roots of old trees. We can recycle valuable คุณใช้เพลงนี้เพื่อสร้างรายได้จากวิดีโอของคุณได้...


MAKE a table out of a tree stump

Live Free

Making something out of nothing is always fun. Here in this video we're taking an old tree stump that we removed out of our yard with a backhoe. With as much ...


Ash tree coffee table

HomeMade in Lviv

In this video I make a coffee table using two ash tree boards. My little kids like to climb everywere that can create additional stress onto the furniture. That's why I ...


SuperViral TV Making A Tree Root Coffee Table

Super Viral Tv

SuperViral TV Making A Tree Root Coffee Table Welcome for your enjoying to visit my channel SuperViral Tv. I Hope that you will enjoy more for the next videos ...



Weekend Builders

In this video we show you how we made this incredible epoxy table. The final result is amazing and looks good in any kind of decoration rustic or modern!


How to Build a Coffee Table // DIY

Corey Rametta

I built a Coffee Table with a hidden remote drawer using some 2x6's for the table top, and a 6x6 post for the legs. I did a two-tone stain by using a dark walnut ...


How to make an Epoxy Coffee Table

Epoxy coffee table You will need: A timber burl I used BlackButt, Aldax clear cast 24hr epoxy resin, True blue pigment, Interference blue pigment, Z-poxy 5 ...


Tree Trunk Coffee Table Ideas

Teak Tree Trunk Cocktail Table by CLARKFunctionalArt, via Flickr... This is my cousin's business out of California. Cool to see it on pintrest.Find and save ideas ...


Make a Tree Stump Side Table

Doug Royal

Powerlines were in danger of being torn down by a beautiful Ash tree in my front yard so my city had to cut it down. I saved a few pieces of the stump that were ...


Walnut Sculpted Coffee Table - Build Video by Pedulla Studio

Pedulla Studio

This Sculpted Coffee Table is made from solid Walnut consisting of around 20 pieces of timber all 40mm (1-1/2 inch) thick. Each piece is roughly cut then glued ...


Tree Root Table With Glass Top.

Steven Eldridge

Tree root table I did a while back and finally found a glass top for it, only thing left is to find a customer.


My wooden coffee table: "The Lake Table"

JDCD Design

This is a quick video showing the steps i took to make one of these "Lake Tables". These are fun tables too make and surprisingly very simple to make! So get ...


Oak Tree Root Coffee Table

A coffee table made from an oak tree root and glass with a carbon fibre, oak and stainless steel base.


Making of teak root table

Some part of making a teak root (flower) table. Upload from Alas Gembol's workshop. Manufacturer of teak root furniture and wooden craft. Yogyakarta ...


Making a Table From A Tree Stump

Kyle Toth

Finish I Used: Sand Paper: Camera Gear 80D- lense- ...