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The Foot Powered (Treadle) Lathe

5 years ago Chop With Chris

The Foot Powered (Treadle) Lathe woodworking video by Chop With Chris is a time lapse of the construction of a foot powered lathe using an antique corn ...


How To Make a Foot Powered Lathe

2 years ago izzy swan

How to make a awesome Foot Powered Lathe with a bungee cord, two bug nails and some rope. I saved few bucks by mounting my foot powered lathe to my ...


How To Build A Lathe

5 years ago Chop With Chris

How To Build A Lathe woodworking video educates you on the design process in building a foot powered treadle lathe using no power tools It is the sequel to ...


Simple treadle lathe power for Craftsman lathe

7 years ago swwhoo

To see more pictures: I created treadle power for my Craftsman lathe, a simplified version of Roy Underhill's lathe in ...


The Larvic Lathe - Foot Powered Woodturning Machine

7 months ago thepoultrypeople

The Larvic Lathe, a foot powered woodturning machine designed for Orthopaedic patients to aid recovery through exercise and wood turning, a great and ...


How I turn a bowl on my foot powered lathe.

1 year ago Michael Stibane

That's how I turn my bowls on the bobbin lathe from green wood and a few information regarding my technique. This is an follow up to my bowl blank preparation ...


Treadle Lathe

6 years ago Travis Benner

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


Build a Lathe out of Bicycle Parts and Other Junk 1 of 2

3 years ago Handyman Kevin

A working lathe for turning wood, metal and plastic, built out of bicycle parts, wood, and pipe fittings. Part I of II.


How to Treadle - 1913 Serata treadle

6 years ago Lizzie Lenard ...


Treadle Lathe VII: VLOG | Great Tool!

2 months ago LastingBuild

Today is a workshop VLOG continuing work on the treadle lathe and I show you an amazing tool!


Making a Carving Mallet with the Spring Pole Lathe Hand Tool Woodworking Project

1 year ago Wood By Wright

Watch more hand tool fun here Making a carving mallet with just a foot-powered spring pole lathe out of Solid Green Live oak is more fun than it ...

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homemade tools

5 years ago Wael Sedky


Treadle Lathe Build Part XI: Treadle Pedal

5 days ago LastingBuild

Continuing in the build, I explain the treadle lathe pedal mechanism. Can you guess the number of revolutions per minute? Music: Epidemic Sound.


WF & John Barnes #3 Velocipede Foot Powered Wood Lathe

The #3 Velocipede WF & John Barnes Co footpowered wood lathe is functional and works great. Excellent example of an antique or traditional wood turning tool ...


Traditional Turning

6 years ago ArtisanMediaLtd

During the past 20 years Robin Wood has produced and sold over 30000 wooden plates and bowls from his small workshop nestled into a Peak District hillside.


foot powered lathe

10 years ago Bob Elder

Plymouth Plantation.


Thank You Jimmy Diresta For The Antique Lathe

1 year ago Chop With Chris

Thank You Jimmy Diresta For The Antique Lathe woodworking and antique restoration video is a short high speed video showing the transfer of an old foot ...


Treadle lathes are awsome

6 years ago Nathan Das


Mortimer the treadle lathe! FOOT POWER RESTORATION

first look at my new lathe.. 1880's technology. detailing some of the jobs to be done. Part 1.


Treadle Lathe at Brown Tool Auction

9 years ago RenaissanceWW

Love this lathe and wish I could have tried it.