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Шиповка Мото Резины - How To Spike Moto Tire

4 years ago Stuntexru

Проверь наш МОТОМАГАЗИН - ЛУЧШИЕ цены, БОЛЬШОЙ ассортимент! В видео показан нудный процесс...


Шипованная Моторезина в Действии

2 years ago Stuntexru

Проверь наш МОТОМАГАЗИН - ЛУЧШИЕ цены, БОЛЬШОЙ ассортимент! Тестовый выезд на двух типах шиповк...


Homemade Motorcycle Tires For Snow

3 years ago Aninex ツ

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studding a dirt bike tire for ice and snow

7 years ago Daniel Valihora

Showing how I studded my rear tire for winter use. Riding videos to come!


Studded tires on ice! Modified Yamaha TW200

2 years ago Smightification

Taking my 2009 Yamaha TW200 across a frozen pond! Like me on Facebook!!


Winter & Wet Motorcycle Tire Guide 2012 at

6 years ago RevZilla

Winter & Wet Motorcycle Tire Guide 2012 ...



10 months ago Scotty Laughland

I got some Ice Spiker Pro's a while ago and had wanted to bust them out for ages but the good spring weather hadn't allowed me too. It all changed yesterday ...


Spike Moto Tire For Ice Riding

10 months ago Engineering Works


Mitas Ice Racing Tire // ESKAPE.CA

4 years ago ESKAPE TV

La gang d'Eskape au show à Orlando vous présente les tires Mitas pour la course sur glace !


Piggdekktest Schwalbe Studded bicycle tires Ice Spiker Pro

1 year ago Morten Karlsen

Riding on frozen water in Norway.


DIY How To Make Studded Snow Ice Motocross Motorcycle Tires

4 years ago Wanduro

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Mountain biking on steep ICE with custom screw tires!

3 months ago Kyle D

Hand made screw tires with ~500 screws per wheel. Insane traction! Can't wait to find some more ice next spring and explore the possibilities.


Winter Biking - Do You Need Winter Tires?

1 year ago S D

Winter Biking to Work Do you need studded or special winter tires? Tires discussed in comments: Examples from -28 degrees Celsius with ...


MTB Ice Riding Without STUDDED Tires YIKES!

11 months ago DirtWireTV

My girlfriend and I showed up to the JRA Cycles fat bike ride at Russell Mill in Chelmsford, MA. It was pure ice, like a luge track, and we didn't have studded tires.


Studs VS Fat Tire | MTB 2017

Studs VS Fat Tire | MTB 2017 Spring riding is a mess! Whats better, studs or fat tires???? We decided to test out 2.2 inch Bronson tires on a full squishy ...


How to Install Kold Kutter Ice Racing Screws & Ice Master Tire Liners

7 years ago KoldKutter

This video shows you how to properly install Kold Kutter Ice Racing Screws & Ice Master Tire Liners. If you are interested in any of our Ice Racing Screws or Ice ...


BEST Winter Ice TIRE studs homemade for Enduro/DirtBike

8 years ago MirraMoto

Showing how I studded my dirtbike tires for winter use. I made this specially for ice surface. Comparable with screws, this profile with fastening screws has a ...


How to ride a Motorcycle on ice and snow

7 years ago MadStu

This video shows my own techniques for riding my BMW K1100 LT Motorcycle on ice and snow. They've kept me safe all these years. Video re-uploaded with ...


How to Stud Your Mountain Bike Tire for Ice and Snow

7 years ago RSOPVIDEOS

Learn how to Stud Your mountain bike tire for ice and snow. Easy to fallow step by step instructions will guide you through the process. You will need: 2 Tires 2 ...


Studded tyres for riding on ice and snow

3 years ago Gurra

I put Kold Kutter Ice Racing Screws on my Husqvarna 430CR. Made a big difference in traction of course. I put them on my old tyres sitting on the bike, they have ...