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Fritt fall uten sikret tau

NRK Viten

Andreas Wahl vet at ting roterer raskere når de nærmer seg sentrum. Det skal han teste på seg selv - ved å la seg slippe 14 meter til bakken festet til et løst tau ...


With life as an effort// Risks life to prove physical law


More? IMA find more fellow things Norway has ;-;


Risks life to prove physical law

Akki Kumar

Physicist Andreas Wahl knows that things rotate faster when they approach a central point. Therefore he is letting himself be dropped 14 metres towards the ...


Great science teacher risks his life explaining potential and kinetic energy

Energy Unearthed

This is really inspiring! We would love to find this teacher so we can credit him! Please share the video so we can find him. And don't forget to Subscribe for more ...


Aquinas & the Cosmological Arguments: Crash Course Philosophy #10


Our unit on the philosophy of religion and the existence of god continues with Thomas Aquinas. Today, we consider his first four arguments: the cosmological ...


What Actually Happens When You Have An Abortion?


Alabama is making a mistake with rolling back abortion rights. Find out why with real science! Video on Plan B: Subscribe for ...


Is Weed Actually Bad For You?

Science Plus

Episode 3 of 5 Check us out on iTunes! Please Subscribe! There are countless studies that seem to contradict one ...


Injuries and the Voluntary Assumption of Risk We all take risks. Some risks we are fully aware of, many we are not. The law will hold some people responsible for their own injuries if they ...


What Happens After Surviving 46Gs (Most Faint at 6Gs)


What happens if you're subjected to high G-forces? Lets dive into the life and story of John Stapp, the human crash test dummy who paved the way to some ...


Water Fasting: What is a Water Fast and the Health & Spiritual Benefits and Dangers?

Daily Inspiration: Acharya Shree Yogeesh explains what is water fasting and the health and spiritual benefits of water ...


Take the Leash Off - Teal Swan-

Teal Swan

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Insuring Against Small Business Risks

HR360Inc Video Highlights: 00:05 An optimistic attitude is a must-have for any business owner.


The Truth About Subliminal Audios And The Law Of Attraction (Do They Really Work?) | The Secret

The Truth About Subliminal Audios And The Law Of Attraction (Do They Really Work?) | The Secret Get 1-on-1 Coaching: LOA Insider ...


Socioeconomic, Policy and Ethical Implications of Mars Human Exploration

Deep Astronomy

What are the implications for going to Mars? This hangout will cover the details! Human travel to and exploration of Mars presents many challenges. So far, we ...


Astral Projection - Evil Entities, Astral Sex, Time Travel and More

Astral Projection Top 10 Most asked questions Is Astral Projection dangerous ? Are there evil beings in the Astral plane ? Can I have sex in the astral world ?


How to stop screwing yourself over | Mel Robbins | TEDxSF

TEDx Talks

Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: Mel Robbins is a married working mother of three, an ivy-educated criminal lawyer, ...


How Smoking CANNABIS / WEED for a Month Affects Your Lungs ● A Must See !

Chris Notap

Here's the effects on your body Smoking Cannabis for a Month. Same experiment SMOKING a month Same experiment VAPING ...


Why You Shouldn't Open Your 3rd Eye... (The Danger of Awakening)

My NEW Meditation Book: FREE Guided Meditation MP3 by Me: ...


To blaze or not to blaze: the effects of marijuana on your body

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada, many people wonder what specific effects marijuana has on the body. This video addresses the different ...


Principles For Success by Ray Dalio (In 30 Minutes)

Join me on a thought-provoking adventure in my new animated mini-series, Principles for Success. I've taken my book Principles, and distilled it into a 30 minute ...