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Rip tree out of the ground using only hand tools. No truck involved! Part 1


Part 2 found here: You can rip a tree straight up out of the ground using a come-along, some chain, and a 6x6.


Rip tree out of the ground using only hand tools. No truck involved! Part 2


Part 1 here: Part 2 of using a come-along & a 6x6 to rip a tree out of the ground without a truck. Pulling up on a ...


Rip a Tree or Stump out of the Ground with a Hi-Lift or Farm Jack and "Safe Jack" Accessories

Cookie Duster

SAFE JACK accessories(patent pending) for the Hi_Lift type jack rip a tree, scrub, bush or fence post out of the ground using the Hi-Lift or Farm Jack. The Safe ...


Possibly The Easiest Way To Remove A Tree Stump! Using Epsom Salt!! Part 1

Plant Abundance

It's been said that taking down a tree is the easy part compared to removing the stump. I hope to dispel that notion by employing what may be the easiest cost ...


How to Remove Tree Stumps

This Old House

Watch the full episode: This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a homeowner dig out a ...


Widdowmaker Removal With Come Along

Land to House

After a failed attempt to pull down a large widdowmaker tree I got a Come Along and cable to pull down the tree. Watch as I brave the snow to remove this ...


How To Remove A Tree Stump By Hand (In 20 Minutes Or Less)

How To Kill A Tree

Why do all the work to remove the tree stump down a couple feet? The only reason they used to do this in the past was so they could plow the field. I don't think ...


Uproot Root Puller

John Gorrett

UPROOT Root and stump lifter,NO GRINDING INVOLVED! Showing three diferent lifting jobs. A multi trunk Cypress, a small pear tree which had extensive roots!


Keene Castle - pulling stumps out of the road by hand - 5/4/2001

Lance Keene

In this video I explain that I'm too broke to hire anyone to pull the stumps from the new road and I decide to do it by hand like the old farmers did with just basic ...


Pulling Things Out of the Ground Using a Simple Machine or Tool


We used a fulcrum and lever to pull old cable from the ground. Take this idea and modify it with a chain to pull a bush from the ground or a fence post footing.


How to pull a tree out of the ground

Sue Pekarek

We dug a hole down to the roots, cut through the main roots, and with a simple pull the tree came down. This was an evergreen that we trimmed most of the ...


Stump Pulling By Hand, No Truck!!!


Pulling stumps by hand with a come-a-long or cable puller, no truck!


Pulling a big root out of the ground with a large chain and wench.


Pulling a large dead root out of the ground with a chain and come-along (wench). No one was hurt except for the root. :-)


Pulling a Bush Using Spare Tire

Phil Crockett

This video shows how to pull a bush / shrub, using a spare tire or tire rim. This method has worked very well for 4 generations on my family farm. Not only is this ...


Ripping A Stump Out Of The Ground

It is what it is.


Flying Stump, the Backstory

Tom Hoffmann

This video is dramatic and amusing. Enjoy. But I'm posting this as a PSA for range safety when working with systems that can store serious energy in the ...


Ripping trees from the ground

Pat Pschirer

Needed some firewood.


Rip It Out Of The Ground! Timbco In Action HiDef


Here we see the Timbco pulling a tree out of the ground to open up the woods for trucks to come in. It takes a while to learn tricks like this one.


Jeff ripping tree out of the ground #2


Jeff ripping tree out of the ground #2.


Bella pulling tree out of the ground


Bella tries to pull a small tree out of the ground.... And almost succeeds.