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Rip tree out of the ground using only hand tools. No truck involved! Part 1

7 years ago retireearlyrich

Part 2 found here: You can rip a tree straight up out of the ground using a come-along, some chain, and a 6x6.


Rip tree out of the ground using only hand tools. No truck involved! Part 2

7 years ago retireearlyrich

Part 1 here: Part 2 of using a come-along & a 6x6 to rip a tree out of the ground without a truck. Pulling up on a ...


Rip a Tree or Stump out of the Ground with a Hi-Lift or Farm Jack and "Safe Jack" Accessories

6 years ago Cookie Duster

SAFE JACK accessories(patent pending) for the Hi_Lift type jack rip a tree, scrub, bush or fence post out of the ground using the Hi-Lift or Farm Jack. The Safe ...


How to Remove Tree Stumps

2 years ago This Old House

Watch the full episode: This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a homeowner dig out a ...


Tree Stump removal with 3 simple tools.

2 years ago Life X4

In this video I show you how to remove a stump with 3 simple tools. The tools used: Spade, high jack lift and a reciprocating saw.


Hurricane Michael ripped tree out of the ground in Panama City, Fl.

3 months ago One Lawak Network

Tree ripped out of the ground like it's nothing in Panama City, Florida due to Hurricane Michael. #HurricaneMichael #Hurricane #Michael (via @ChadBlue83)


Justin pulls a tree out of ground with bare hands....

5 years ago Justin Stevens

Hey, im just a little kid having fun in a big boy body. :)


Remove Stumps With Come Along

4 years ago GraySchoenheit08

I was going to just cut the stumps as low as I could go, but my buddy had the great idea to tie them together and pull them together, and it worked out great.



3 years ago Marsbars

At starved rock......again!This time I am showing a tree trunk that is torn out of the ground,check my Instagram:@marsx26.


An Easier Way to Pull Stumps out of the Ground!

9 years ago ilovelassy

This sure is a difference to pull weeds, all you have to do is FLOOR-IT!! Please comment and rate!


Felling a Huge Maple Tree with an Axe, Milling Lumber with Granberg Alaskan Chainsaw Mill, Husqvarna

9 months ago My Self Reliance

axe #tree #woods Felling a huge, dying sugar maple tree on the path to the off grid log cabin, I use an axe to cut it down and a Granberg Alaskan chainsaw mill ...


Widdowmaker Removal With Come Along

5 years ago Land to House

After a failed attempt to pull down a large widdowmaker tree I got a Come Along and cable to pull down the tree. Watch as I brave the snow to remove this ...


Stump Pulling By Hand, No Truck!!!

5 years ago teweview

Pulling stumps by hand with a come-a-long or cable puller, no truck!


Tree being ripped right out of the Ground

5 years ago Renate Kock

0:00 Pulling Things Out of the Ground Using a Simple Machine or Tool

5 years ago dirtyshirtinfo

We used a fulcrum and lever to pull old cable from the ground. Take this idea and modify it with a chain to pull a bush from the ground or a fence post footing.


Flying Stump

6 years ago Tom Hoffmann

This video is dramatic and amusing. Enjoy. But I'm posting this as a PSA for range safety when working with systems that can store serious energy in the ...


Pull Out That Stump

4 years ago Land to House

I am working on a project that requires the land to be free of stumps. This little guy is very stubborn and needs a little help from the wench to get things going.


Ripping A Stump Out Of The Ground

It is what it is.


Ripping trees out of the ground

6 years ago austin epperson

Pulling trees up with the old mud truck.


Keene Castle - pulling stumps out of the road by hand - 5/4/2001

4 years ago Lance Keene

In this video I explain that I'm too broke to hire anyone to pull the stumps from the new road and I decide to do it by hand like the old farmers did with just basic ...