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Old Axe Restoration

6 months ago DIYCoolStuff

I found a 3 old axe/hatchet heads for a few euros. I thought restoring one of them would be a nice practice since I've never re-handled an axe. In hindsight I ...


Restoring Vintage Axe Heads

4 years ago Wranglerstar

Most modern axe heads aren't worth having. Vintage axes on the other hand are for the most part of very high quality and worth the time it takes to restore.


Antique Hatchet Restoration. SORT OF...

Alright, how would you call this experiment? Hatchet restoration? Makeover? Wrecking an hatchet head? Yes, I know this kind of handle doesn't make any ...


Antique Axe Restoration

3 months ago Diy Random

I have this axe for 7$ from a garage sale. It's going to be a nice display in my home. That was a fun project again. Thank you for watching. Soon coming the next ...


Rusted Axe Restoration..beyond restored.

Axe restorations are some of my favorite projects! Join us as I show the steps taken to restore and increase the value of this long forgotten old tool. #restore ...


Rusty Old Axe Restoration

One day i was walking through a friends shed and out of the corner of my eye i seen a Rusty Old Axe buried under some crud and i though to myself that would ...


How to Restore a Vintage Axe - part 1 | Derek's Version

2 years ago Derek's Version

I found a Vintage axe in a barn on our property and i wanted to salvage it. I thought you might want to come along with me while I go through the steps. hope you ...


Beautiful Collins Axe Restoration

1 year ago BraveTheWilds

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How to polish an Axe WITHOUT power tools

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Vintage Rusty Carpenter's Axe | Full Restoration

2 months ago Restore It

I thought I'd go back to basics and try my hand at an axe restoration. This was the most rusted Axe I could find. Everyone seems to be doing them, so I thought ...


Restoration - Camp Hatchet (Zero power tools)

1 year ago Make N' Create

I bought the hatchet for 1 dollar at a flea market recently. The head was in pretty good condition already so there wasn't much to do. Sorry for the wind noise!


Axe School: Full Vintage Restore of a Black Raven

5 months ago Bushcraft Sisyphus

Restoring a pitted, but still good, Pre-1930 Kelly Axe Mnfg. Co. Black Raven into a working axe. The effects of a 30-day boiled linseed oil soak on the vintage ...


Antique Axe Restoration

8 months ago Koss

This is attempt of restoration antique axe, that have been burried under ground for many years. That was not clear restoration, couse the axe had very deep rust ...


Antique Axe Restoration Step by Step

4 weeks ago gear show

This is antique axe restoration video, I bought this axe only 3$ from the recycle shop. In this videos I recorded it step by step the process of polishing axe blade ...


Old Rusty Hatchet RESTORATION

4 months ago Random Hands

I watched this hatchet on my scrap place at the roof but i don't exactly know how OLD this hatchet is. Maybe it could be some years old. Watching too much rust ...


Vintage Axes: Why You Shouldn't Buy One

3 months ago Ben Scott

In this video I explain why buying and restoring vintage and old axes for use isn't a great idea. If you already have some old axes in the shed or a cheap source, ...


True Temper Kelly Perfect | Axe Restoration

3 years ago ReviewOutdoorGear

Ever thought about restoring an old piece of history? Check this video out - you might like it. SHEATH AVAILABLE HERE: Video of how ...


Antique Hatchet Restoration. Third Time's a Charm!

Yet another hatchet "restoration". With this one I am starting to get the feel of these casting experiments! Bought this hatchet a flea market in my town for 3€, it has ...


Antique Axe Restoration. KING KONG

2 months ago edilton fair

Neste vídeo, faço uma customização de um machado lenhador antigo, usando técnicas de fundição em alumínio e gravação em metal. Deixe seu like e ajude o ...


Polishing A Rusty AXE

1 year ago Wranglerstar