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Restoring an old woodworking vise (Rededa Number 2)

Restoring an old Rededa Number 2 woodworking vise. I bought it on GumTree for £20. t was old, dirty and rusty and in poor condition. I gave it a clean, used a ...


Columbian Woodworking Vise Restoration - Part 1

Part 2 - Here's a good site that explains how electrolysis works for rust removal: ...


Restoring a Portable Woodworking Vise - Old and Rusty

This is a quick refurbish project of an old, rusty, portable woodworking vise I got at the flea market. Not much was needed to be done to it, just some rust removal ...


Vise Restoration

1 year ago Thomas Chaney

Morgan 28A Vise Restoration.


Mini Woodworking Bench & Vise Restoration || Laura Kampf Inspired

11 months ago tim sway

Check out my stupid simple bench dog solution in this bench-top woodworking bench made from trash and scraps. Laura's Kampf's video that inspired this ...


Columbian Woodworking Vise Restoration - Part 2

Part 3 -


GPW 133 - Woodworking Vise Repair

1 year ago GP Woodworks

Trying to get the slop out of my woodworking vise so it will quit jamming on me.


Record 52E quick release vice disassembly, assembly and restoration - woodworking bench vise

10 months ago MattMakesMess

Record 52E quick release vice disassembly, assembly and restoration - woodworking bench vise. First half filmed with a GoPro knockoff and the second half ...


Refinishing an old workbench

1 year ago Erik did it

I got my hands on an old workbench that needed some renovations. Music: A-Gon - Walked away Camera gear: Nikon D5600 body ...


Columbian Woodworking Vise Restoration - Part 3

Part 4


Vice Restoration (Part #2)

2 years ago Will Dexter

Continuation of my first video, I hope you enjoyed! Please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!


Columbian Woodworking Vise Restoration - Part 4

Part 5 coming soon ...



2 years ago Stretch Romer

This is an old vise I found, from 1900, at a yard sale for $10. It is very unique in it's operation. I am going to see how it cleans up and see if I can put it back in ...


Restoring the W.C. Toles No.65 iron work vise - Part 1 | Redneck Homestead

3 years ago Redneck Homestead

I bought an old W.C. Toles No. 65 iron work vise on Craigslist. It suffered though a devestating fire and was all rusted and bound up when I bought it. In these ...


Woodworking vise restoration

5 years ago Steamfan71

An old Brodhead and Garrett woodworking vise I restored.Cost $2 at the scrapyard,about five hours time restoring it and $18 materials. Thanks for watching!


Vise Restoration | 1910 Chas Parker 205-P

5 months ago Make Everything

In this video I bring a Chas Parker 205-P vise ,patented in November 1910 back to life. Thanks again to Benchmark Abrasives for supporting my channel, if you ...


Restoring a Woodworker's Bench Vise

2 months ago Third Hand Studios

Bringing this old woodworkers bench vise back to life again. The vise is a Model #80 vise, made by the Abernathy Vise & Tool Company in Chicago, Ill. It was ...


Old vise restoration

1 year ago Koss

Old vise restoration wich I buy on market place. Step by step manual involved in video 'Old vise restoration'. ...


Bench Vise Restoration-LITTLESTOWN No. 112

3 years ago Seth Vostad

I received this old vise from my grandfather and in this video I attempt to restore it. First, I disassembled the vise into all it's pieces. Then, I cleaned and wire ...


My new project! Emmert Pattern Makers Vices

Introducing my next project. I am going to rebuild these old Emmert pattern makers vises.