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Restoring an old woodworking vise (Rededa Number 2)

Restoring an old Rededa Number 2 woodworking vise. I bought it on GumTree for £20. t was old, dirty and rusty and in poor condition. I gave it a clean, used a ...


Restoring a Portable Woodworking Vise - Old and Rusty

This is a quick refurbish project of an old, rusty, portable woodworking vise I got at the flea market. Not much was needed to be done to it, just some rust removal ...


Columbian Woodworking Vise Restoration - Part 1

Part 2 - Here's a good site that explains how electrolysis works for rust removal: ...



Restoration of a very rusty woodworkers bench vice . Can I rescue it to a perfect condition? Thank you to my Patrons Music ...


Record No.52p Woodworking Vise - Repair and Restoration


Part II: installing vise to workbench Repair and restoration of Record no.52p woodworking vise, in this restoration i'm not repainting ...


Old vice Restoration

Do you like the sound of birds combined with the sound of the tools? This is a Heavy Duty bench vise made by BISON-SIAL S.A in Poland. I found this rusty vise ...


GPW 133 - Woodworking Vise Repair

GP Woodworks

Trying to get the slop out of my woodworking vise so it will quit jamming on me.


Richards Wilcox Woodworking Vise Restoration - BLO Finish

ThisOldTool53 _

In this project video, I disassemble and treat it with Evaporust to get rid of all the rust. Then I use boiled linseed oil to add a protective finish.


Old vise restoration


In this video i am restoring an old vise i got from a family member. It took me around 6 hours to finish the project, over a period of three days. Hope you enjoyed!


Columbian Woodworking Vise Restoration - Part 4

Part 5 coming soon ...


Refinishing an old workbench

Erik did it

I got my hands on an old workbench that needed some renovations. Music: A-Gon - Walked away Camera gear: Nikon D5600 body ...


How To Remove Rust From Old Woodworking Tools

John Malecki

Learning How To Remove Rust from old tools is something I truly wished I had learned years ago. Its just a great skill to have if you're looking to clean up or ...


Restoring a Wood Work Bench - Part 1 of 3

We found this old wood working bench in the workshop when we moved in. It had been sat in a puddle for a long time and was suffering from wood worm.


How to Restore an Antique Wood Toolbox // DIY

Corey Rametta

I purchased an old antique wooden toolbox at a yard sale a while back and decided to restore it. I used paint stripper to remove the original shellac finish, dirt ...


Vice Restoration (Part #2)

Will Dexter

Continuation of my first video, I hope you enjoyed! Please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!


Restoration - 160lb Railway Vise | Iron Wolf Industrial

This is a massive vise that we picked up through Craigslist recently, and came out of an old railway station. It was in decent condition to begin with, and there ...


Rusty Deadlocked Vise - Perfect Restoration

my mechanics

Broken Vise Restoration - Gressel Switzerland. In this video i'm restoring a broken swiss vise. Like, comment, subscribe. I bought this vise from a friend for 20$.


Broken Vise Restoration

Will Matthews

I found this old vise pretty cheap and thought it would make an excellent restoration project as it swivels in two directions and is very heavy. Little did I know that ...


Mini Woodworking Bench & Vise Restoration || Laura Kampf Inspired

tim sway

Check out my stupid simple bench dog solution in this bench-top woodworking bench made from trash and scraps. Laura's Kampf's video that inspired this ...


Restoring a Woodworker's Bench Vise

Third Hand Studios

Bringing this old woodworkers bench vise back to life again. The vise is a Model #80 vise, made by the Abernathy Vise & Tool Company in Chicago, Ill. It was ...