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How to ● remove a nail from FASCIA or SHEET METAL without destroying

Chris Notap

No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to not bend, crease and bugger your facia if you're attempting to remove a nail to reposition it or if your ...


Pulling ring shank nails from metal siding without damaging the metal


The job was to remove the metal siding without damaging it and reuse it for another building. It was installed with ring shank nails. Pry bars would dent the metal.


Replace lead head nails with screws

Jack McIntyre

A quick look at the process of how I replace my old roofing lead head nails with screws. After removing the lead head nail, I scrape away any high spots of old ...


Reclaimed Lumber - Removing Nails and other metal

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Removing seized roof nails from barn tin

I've tried several methods to try and get the nails out - the grinder seems to be the best to avoid damage to the tin.


365 Days of DIY - Remove nails without damage

DIYHIPChicks I have this awesome tip for removing nails without messin up walls or wood. Don't let the hammer head leave a ding in your wall.


How to remove stripped screws – 7 different ways

In this video I look at how to remove some stripped screws by using everything from an elastic band to a dedicated damaged screw removal bit. The 7 ...


We Found Best Way To Remove Rust!

Slivki Show muic:


How To Remove NAILS Easily From Wood 2019


With Homemade Tools! inventions, handmade, homemade, self made, new, 2018, compilation, funny, crazy, amazing, tools, best of, vehicles, ideas, life hack, ...


Removing nails from concrete


A simple and easy way to get rid of protruding nails from concrete.


How to Remove Nails without Marking the Surface - Simple & Easy - Step by Step Instructions

Have you ever removed a nail with a claw hammer and the hammer has marked the wood or the wall? There is a simple solution. Watch my video for all the ...


Remove nails with no heads and plug in reclaimed wood

Use a plug cutter to remove nails that you can't pull out and fill with a plug in the same step. Update: This is a good technique, however the 2x10 oak boards that ...


One way to remove set nails from wood.


An easy way to remove finishing nails from wood.


How to remove nails from IKEA furniture

Live and Learn

This video will show you how to remove the back panel pins or nails from IKEA PAX waldrobe flat pack furniture. The tools you need are a hammer with claw and ...



Joe Malovich

This worked for 90% of the nails that wanted to bend over. There is an outtake version here:


Nail Head Gone, remove rusted nail head and Secure Siding

Jay Sussman

This video is about Nail Head Gone Secure Siding.


How To Remove SMALL NAILS Easily From Wood

T3 Times

Here are the steps to remove Small Nails Easily from anywhere with a small spring cutting sharp pliers. Product Used: Diagonal Cutting Pliers ...


Best way to remove nails and staples from wood

Cristina Garay

My best way to remove nails and staples from wood! Get a similar end nipper pliers right here: - aff. Details on the blog: ...


Removing Nails from Walls

Ron Hazelton

Use this tip to pull nails out of sheet-rock without damaging the wall. Read the blog post: Home Improvement Online With Ron Hazelton With ...


DIY: How to remove nails from reclaimed used 2x4 wood lumber