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Can You Easily Remove Car Scratches With Toothpaste? - Watch Me Put it To Test

In this video I am going to go over whether you can remove scratches from your car, using toothpaste and a microfiber towel or a scotch brite pad. There are alot ...


Easy Fix Car Scratches with WD-40

WD-40 - Subscribe to my 2nd channel instagram - ...


How to remove minor scratches on your car using WD40

Teng Mama

Removing minor scratches on your car using WD40. However, this is just a temporary solution. It does not work on deeper cuts. WD40 masks the minor ...


Removing Scratches From Your Car Using WD-40 Hack - Final Judgement

Is WD-40 a good hack way of removing scratches and scuff marks from your cars paint and clearcoat, Well in this video I try it on some deep, medium and light ...


Fact or Fiction wd-40 removes scratches

Cody the Car Guy Saw this on Gaugemagazine .com and the guy uses wd-40 to remove some scratches ...


How to remove Paint Scuffs on your Car !! Diy


Full video on how to remove car scuffs and deep scratchs on your car! This is easy and cheap Repair you can do it at home yourself!! 2019 Bumper Repair ...


Quick tip WD-40 trick on my faded paint.

Primered is best

Temporary faded paint trick.


How To Remove Rock Chips and Scratches From Your Car

Tracwrap presents this quick how to video on touching up your car paint and what to do to prevent paint damage from happening so you don't have to fix ...


How To Fix and remove Car Scratches Cheap & Easy Way with WD-40 spray. Repair car scratches at home.

How To Fix Car Scratches Cheap & Easy Way with WD-40. SHOCKING RESULTS !! Cool Experiemnt prepared by Wasaby Sajado Channel. Prezented by ...


DIY Rust Repair Cheap And Easy!

Soaked In Oil

In this video I filmed from start to finish as I repaired the door sill on my 2009 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg. This is by no means the "right way" to do the job.


Repair A Phone Screen with Nail Polish


In this sequel to my previous phone screen repair video, I demonstrate the process for fixing your phone or tablet screen in just a few minutes using clear ...


How to Fix Squeaky Brakes in Your Car

Scotty Kilmer

Squeaky brakes in your car. How to fix drum brakes and disc brakes in your car DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to fix squeaky brakes. How to fix brake noise. How to ...


Fixing Deep Car Paint Scratch At Home

Classy Flowers

How to remove a deep scratch from your vehicle in 5 easy to follow steps at home without any experience.


Removing Car Scratch using WD-40!!

Ghaith Ramadan

In this video I'm showing you a life hack that includes the removal of car scratches using WD-40. By using this product you can easily remove the car scratch.


7 Simple Life Hacks with WD 40

Genesis TV

7 Awesome WD 40 Life Hacks.


The Removal of car scratch The Cheaper way from Home- Does it really Work?

The method has has been tested on two scratches one deeper scratch and other less deep. A can of WD-40 has been used as demonstrated. It appears on ...


DIY Car Projects: $8 clear coat fix


Clear Coat - In this video we attempt to fix peeling clear coat on my 91 mr2 turbo with an $8 can of "spray paint" from an auto parts ...


If You Do This, You'll Never Have to Repair Rust on Your Car

Scotty Kilmer

Rust repair, rust removal, and rust prevention. If you do this, you'll never have to repair rust on your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. How to fix rust. Repairing rust on ...


Remove Car Scratches in Rs 5 in Hindi | MotorOctane


How to remove car scratches in an easy way at a cheap cost. We share all the details in our video. We give you all the details about it. It doesn't always work for ...


The TRUTH about WD 40 vs Headlights!

Yak Motley

I had to the WD 40 vs Headlights myth to rest. I used WD 40 to clean my headlight on my truck. I felt like the Toothpaste Method for cleaning headlights was a lot ...