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Recycled Bags & Jugs HDPE Mallet

6 milk jugs + 20 grocery bags + salvaged hammer handle + To Much time on my hands = Awesome hammer project!


DIY HDPE Damascus Mallet

Here is how i make the plastic mallets I used in some of my videos. There are already good tutorials here on yt about how to recycle hdpe but I got asked often ...


Making a leather working mallet from milk jugs! (HDPE)

1 year ago xRoSkii

I have been wanting to do a project where I wanted to turn some HDPE on my lathe. I just got into leather working so what is a better time to make a round mallet ...


How To Make A Mallet From Milk Jugs!

3 years ago Peter Brown

HDPE is the plastic used in many household containers including gallon sized milk jugs. I melt down about 7 milk jugs and 3 powdered lemonade containers to ...


Making a mallet from milk jugs! (HDPE)

3 years ago xRoSkii

Video showing me making a mallet from recycled milk jugs and other various HDPE items. The handle is cherry, It was too dry to be turned on a lathe, it would ...


How To Recycle HDPE Plastic The Easy Way

4 years ago Peter Brown

Turning old milk jugs and bottle caps into useable stock for making. In this short video I process a 2 milk bottles and about half a dozen bottle tops into a 1 1/2" x ...


HDPE Carvers Mallet

3 years ago Construct Icon

Constructed, filmed & edited by Langston Williams III I made some HDPE CARVERS MALLETS using various methods. The symbol for HDPE is usually a ...

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Recycle HDPE Plastic (High Density Polyethylene) projects

3 years ago WizardofTacoma


Making An HDPE Mallet From Milk Cartons

In this video I melt milk cartons into solid HDPE in order to make a plastic mallet.


Recycling HDPE: An Optimized Method

5 months ago Michael Laffin

Plastic milk cartons made from HDPE can be easily melted down for reuse without releasing harmful vapors or odors. However producing a solid material that ...


DIY HDPE Damascus Mallet

7 months ago Christopher Morton


Making a Mallet from HDPE - Knives&Stuff

2 years ago knives&stuff

I'm Maarten, I'm 17 and I live in Holland I like making stuff Knife making, woodworking and blacksmithing My first woodworking project was an oak mallet, I've ...


Milk jugs into hammers recycled HDPE part 1

These are the type of heating elements that you want.


Recycled Milk Jug Mallet with Scrap Oak Handle - 25

4 months ago RCWorks

I could pitch my milk jugs into the city recycle bin or use them myself. I have made a bunch of these milk jug blocks, and used one to make the wheels and guides ...


HDPE Mallet

3 months ago ESArtifice

HDPE Mallet, inspired by Woodworking Barcelona ( amongst others. Wood: Cherry and Mahogany Finish: ...


making a hammer from milk jugs ( HDPE 2 no going back now )

1 year ago Robert Nurden

need a bigger one so why not make it yourself...HDPE 2 is a great stuff to use. please contact us if you seen this video on another channel .... i like to say thanks ...


Grinding HDPE for recycling

2 years ago AtomicShrimp

This video details my various amateur and perhaps laughable attempts to make a plastic grinder to reduce HDPE lids and bottles into small fragments for ...


Melting milk jugs (HDPE) into stock to make other things.

2 years ago jster1963

My son and I melt milk jugs and form a round piece of stock. I am using the stock to make a steering wheel cap for my lawn tractor restoration. I will show that in a ...


Making A Mallet From Recycled HDPE Plastic

8 months ago David LE GALL

Here's how you can turn HDPE plastic caps or shampoo bottles into smething that won't go to the trash anytime soon. Link to tutorial ...


P. J. Galati - HDPE Mallet #2 Episode 004

1 year ago P. J. Galati

With all the HDPE bottles, jugs and containers I've collected, they have all contributed to a growing pile of lids. Most of the plastic has no markings, so I'm left to ...