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Blacksmithing - Ring Project #3 punching & drifting the square bar

Mark Aspery

Punching and drifting a square bar. Three holes punched and drifted. Two round holes and one square hole on the bias.


Blacksmithing techniques - How to punch and drift.

Alec Steele

WANT TO LEARN BLACKSMITHING? Check out my AWESOME online courses here •• •• How to use a slitting punch and ...


Blacksmithing: Punching and Drifting theory

Mark Aspery

A brief look at punching and drifting techniques.


Slitting and drifting holes - ornamental blacksmithing

The slit and drift method of forging a hole in an iron bar is a classic blacksmithing technique. By using the slit and drift you can create a hole larger than the bar ...


Blacksmith handled square punch

Glen GS Tongs

In this video, I handle a square punch in my own method. website: email: If you would like to donate any amount, ...


Blacksmithing Tools #4 - Hand Forging Round Drifts (Mild Steel)

workingwithiron presents How to forge round Drifts #4 in the tool making series. Made from Mild steel as they are consumables. Nathan Baker will take you ...


How to Forge an Oval Drift- Blacksmithing with Brent Bailey- Blacksmithing tutorial

Brent Bailey

Brent Bailey has decades of experience as a blacksmith and tool maker. His YouTube channel offers a variety of videos showing you his techniques for various ...


Hammer eye punch and drift, part 1, junk yard steel

This is the first part of a three part video on forging a punch and drift for making a hammer eye. This first part will discus steel choices focusing on scrap options.


Forging a Square Drift

In this video, I show how to make a blacksmith drift that is square. The blacksmith drift tool can be made in various sizes to accommodate projects as large as a ...


Blacksmithing A Drift


I Need A Drift To Finish My Tong Movie.


punch and drift

Firestone forge

punching and drifting holes as a demonstration.


Punching a Hole under the Press (HD)


Using the home made press to punch a hole into a 1 1/2" round bar, from the DVD by Tom Meffert and Dagmar Diebels, available at


Blacksmithing - Forge-welded square-corner on flat bar.

Mark Aspery

Forge welding a square frame from flat bar.


Punch and drift holes on fly press

Bob Bergman

Punch and drift holes in 1 " square material.


square drift

Metal Museum

Abraham Pardee and Michael Chmielewski work together on a commissioned art piece for The Metal Museum in Memphis, TN.


Blacksmithing tools, forging a hot chisel and round punch

Forging hand punches and chisels is fairly simple, so you should never have to go without just the right tool in the blacksmith shop. Today we will make a hot ...


Slit and Drift

Dirty Smith

Doing a Slit and Drift Joint. 3/4" square hole in 1/2" x 1" flat bar. I upset 1/2" of material. mp3: Hidden Blues: ...


DEW Blacksmithing. Punching a hole in steel. Drifting a hole.


Darrell Wissel artisan blacksmith shows you how to punch a 1/2" hole in 1" bar using a slit and drift technique.


Blacksmith - Hot punching a square hole

Blacksmith Joe

13mm square drift used for a 12mm square tennon.


Blacksmithing for Beginners - Forging Lesson #6: punching holes

Desert Owl Forge

Blacksmithing for Beginners - Forging Lesson #6: punching holes In this video I am addressing the forging technique: punching holes. This is the most basic ...