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Psychedelic floor lamp. Психоделическая напольная лампа.

How to make outdoor lamp out of oak. Как сделать напольную лампу из дуба. #diy #woodworking #design #art #positivecoupleshow Please subscribe.


Floor lamp. Лампа напольная торшер из дерева.

Lamp floor hand made oak and steel sheeting. Светильник светодиодный напольный из дуба#diy #woodworking #design #art #positivecoupleshow. Please ...


Floor lamp out of an old vacuum cleaner. Напольная лампа из старого пылесоса.

New life to an old vacuum cleaner. Новая жизнь старого пылесоса. Please subscribe to us in Instagram Facebook ...


Non-standard psychedelic build of Chinese LED lamp kit.

2 years ago bigclivedotcom

You can get a selection of different LED lamp kits on eBay, and while they pretty much cost the same as a complete built lamp, the kit form does allow you to ...


How To Make A Cloud Light

2 years ago Household Hacker

Make an amazing looking cloud light for your house or room with items you already have around the house. All you need are bottles, cotton, old x-mas lights and ...


Psychedelic IKEA lamp

3 years ago Kristian Leinonen


DIY Cloud Lamp ☁ | Superholly

3 years ago superholly

Want to know exactly what it's gonna take to make your very own cloud lamp? Here are ALL the logistics! Check it out, follow along, and you'll be enjoying ...


Best Seller 2016 Strangelands Handmade Gourd Lamp Psychedelic Artwork Ambiance Lighting

This gourd lamp design which I called Strangelands has closed the year 2016 as the best selling item in my workshop and kept its popularity throughout 2017.


Unique, Handcrafted Floor Lamp Nepenthis by Calabarte and Shots From The Process

Unique, handcrafted floor lamp Nepenthis by Calabarte and shots from the process of creating it. More: Facebook: ...


My Beautiful Lamp

2 years ago Psychedelic Alien


2017 Into The.... Custom Order Handmade Mushrooms Theme Psychedelic Gourd Lamp

There is not much that can be said about this calabash based gourd lampshade. Originally a custom order and a part of our collection, this design which we call ...


3D illusion Led Lamp DIY How to make

1 year ago Smart Beast

DIY How to make 3d illusion led lamp To create this 3D illusion lamp you'll need the following materials. - Wooden boards - Several wood screws - Wood stain ...

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Wood/resin lamps

9 months ago Lisa Faass


The Psychedelic NFRA Lamp

5 years ago Sztrauk

I'm documenting my life now. Yay. BTW I'm in redding.

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1 year ago Todd Roy

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1 year ago Sharyn Janssen

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11 months ago Markus Titz


Table lamp made of bottle. Настольная лампа из бутылки.

Table lamp made of bottle and a steel cable. Настольная лампа из бутылки. Please subscribe. Наш Website Instagram ...

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Artesanías en raíces de cerne

4 months ago Daniel Portillo


THE GALAXIES BEST Psychedelic Trance - MIX 1

5 years ago biomutant242

PsyTrance in the CyberDen with new Zone floor lamp w/5 black light fluorescent bulbs.