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Porch swing made from old pallet wood


I MADE THIS short video of a porch swing, made out of old pallet wood. Material used 2X4 and 2X6, construction screws, and 3/8 steel cable with cable ...


DIY Pallet Project: Super Easy Pallet Swing Built Simply with Minimal Tools


DIY Pallet Project: Super Easy Pallet Swing Built Simply with Minimal Tools.


Pallet Porch Swing

DIY Pallet Porch Swing LINKS TO FIND ME: Facebook link-!


DIY Wood Pallet Swing Project. Cost me only $15 and took 1 day!!

Dad does it Page

I picked up a few pallets for free and wanted to make something. I was able to find some extra long pallet along with some normal size ones. I only spent about ...


2x4 simple porch swing no fancy cuts or angles


2x4 simple porch swing no fancy cuts or angles Here is my interpretation of the 2x4 porch swing. I used a couple 1x6s and a 1x4 as well to give it a little ...


Pallet Porch Swing


I picked up a bunch of free pallets over the past couple weeks and wanted to build something with them. I figured a porch swing would be a worthwhile project...


pallet swing

Andy Halewood

A simple swing using one wooden pallet.


DIY $40 Farmhouse Porch Swing


We designed a super cute DIY Farmhouse Porch Swing for under $30 in lumber! This is a simple design, and would be cute hanging just about anywhere!


How to Make Pallet Hanging Lounge Swing

I've always loved swing -- I mean who wouldn't love the pleasure it affords. Whether children or adults, the swing is something we've all wanted to sit on and ...


DIY Pallet swing bed : How to make pallet porch swing. DIY

Washweshny W

In this video, I will show you DIY Pallet swing bed : How to make pallet porch swing. DIY.


How to make a Pallet Swing


Guys did you know it's Garden Day coming up? Today we are going to celebrate Garden Day by making something really stunning, a Pallet Swing! You will ...


30 Amazing Diy Wood Pallet Hanging Porch Swings - Project Ideas and Designs

Vincent Dramis

palletwoodswings #palletPorchSwings #diyPalletSwings 30 Awsome DIY Pallet Wood Furniture Ideas For your Diy Porch swing Plans. Review of 16000 ...


Porch Swing DIY

Nassrin's DIY

Follow along as I show you how I hang and stain this porch swing. You should keep your eyes open for an old metal frame like this one all you have to do is ...


Yes, You Can Build a Porch Swing Out of Pallet Wood!

Brittany Bailey

What if I told you it is possible to build a porch swing for almost free?! And you could use fewer nails and screws by using Krazy Glue! Grab that old pallet and ...


Fixing The Pallet Swing

Fixing The Pallet Swing First Pallet Swing - second Pallet swing ...


How to make pallet porch swing. DIY. Homemade

Making swing out of a 3x5 skid.


Make a porch swing bird feeder. Pallet wood!

Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Easy woodworking projects every Friday. Download free plans for this project here: ...


Bench swing with support frame

BuildEazy D.I.Y.

Go to for the plans to build this swing seat. There is also a separate plan for the support frame.


☑️ Top 100 Wood Swing and Wood Garden Decoration Ideas 2018 | Pallet Log Creative Ideas

Feeling Home

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How to Build A Porch Swing Frame

April Wilkerson

Find the Porch Swing Frame plans here: Need templates for a porch swing? Big thank you to Fuji Spray for sponsoring ...