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How to Paint Motorcycle Wheels & Polish Rims

3 years ago Toshio Matsuzawa

Hello. I'm Toshio Matsuzawa from JAPAN. If you want me to paint your items, please email me. Request for Quotation↓ ▽▽▽More ...


gsx 1400 polishing and painting the rims

9 years ago Rafael Sm

a quick tour on how i polished and paint my rims.


Diy how to polish your own motorcycle rims for cheap must see!!!

2 years ago Spooky Zooki

I used aircraft remover from my local auto parts store and stripped old paint off the rims and it turned out awesome!!! Please leave comments if u have questions ...


How to clean and polish motorcycle aluminum rims

2 years ago Motor Cycles

One of the ways to refurbish aluminum rims. Enjoy.


How to paint dirt bike wheels - KLX 351 "Katsumi" [MV]{

5 years ago MrDuhfactor

So, here is a quick little video on how to paint your rims/wheels on your bike. Believe it or not, most factory black wheels are painted, not anodized. You can take ...


Diy how to polish your own motorcycle rims for cheap must see 2

1 year ago Spooky Zooki

This is a more in depth video of how to polish your motorcycle wheels for a cheap custom look.


Painting a Chrome Rim

8 months ago Garasi Paintwork

This is a used rim which is still in a good condition, but with a bad finish and I will repaint it to return to its original condition. Hope this useful. Thank you for ...


How to Paint Strip And Prime Mag Wheels

4 years ago The Gunman

Learn How to Paint Strip and Re Prime Mag Wheels. This is Part 14 of the Transformation of my 1985 XF Ford Falcon in to a Tribute Race Car. This livery was ...


How to Sand and Polish Aluminum! American Forces & many others! HUGE DIFFERENCE

This tutorial is good for any Aluminum wheel, Intro, specialty forged, fuel, and much more that are out there! Today on Salinas I have this tutorial on how to polish ...


How to Paint Your Motorcycle Wheels Step By Step / ALLKANDY WET WET PLUS painted rims

2 years ago SprayWayCustoms

Visit : for New & Used Spray Guns & Parts How to Paint Your Motorcycle Rims : Step by step process of painting some wheels for a ...


DIY: How to Remove the Paint or Clear Coat from Wheels

2 years ago 4DIYers

Video tutorial on how to easily strip the paint or clear coat off a set of wheels. Obviously there are various methods that can be used but not everyone owns or ...


How to Polish and Buff Aluminum Wheels to Chrome Mirror Finish

Here is a simple technique on how to polish and buff aluminum to look like chrome. This procedure works well on alloy truck rims too. However this procedure ...


Delboy's Garage, Fighter Build #94, Wheel Paint, not powder..! !

1 year ago Moonfleet41

4 Wet coats of Tough Black, and a whole lot better..! Patron Support:- Here at DBG we support and fund what we do ...


DIY - how to polish rims

10 years ago Davor Majić

do it yourself! how to polish rims! Uradi sam, poliranje ruba felgi.


How to paint your car wheels / Paint rims Black & Candy Red with Logo カスタムペイント

3 years ago warriorz777

I have new thing, I'd like to tell you. How to repair your worn-out wheel & how to paint your car wheel,When You saw this video. And it turns into a cool wheel.


How To Remove Paint Off Your Rims (Fast,Easy,Effective)

1 year ago Jay PipsIzCash

Things You Will Need 1.Brushes 2.Thick Plastic Container 3.Aircraft Paint Remover 4.Gloves 5.Protective Eye Ware 6.Face Mask To Protect Yourself From The ...


HOW TO PAINT MOTORCYCLE WHEELS,part 8,install disc,polish.

2 years ago Windy Urtnowski

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (


Paint removal from motorbike rim before polishing

9 years ago Giorgio Avato

Testing some paint remover on my kawasaki Z750 rims before polishing them.


How to strip, sand, and polish aluminum wheels: Part 1

2 years ago highbooost1


How to strip, sand, and polish aluminum wheel: Part 3

2 years ago highbooost1