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Mystery Golf Ball in a Block of Wood (


Putting this Golf Ball into a Block of Wood is a quickie woodworking project that is fun and simple project. In this video I'll show how I made one with a few easy ...


Making the "Impossible" golf ball trapped in wood

Blake Haskins

I did not invent this method or idea by any means. The wood used here is cypress, and I suspect that any straight grain soft wood will work. I'm making these for ...


Mystery Cube-in-a-Cube Puzzle Woodworking Project

Quickie woodworking project showing how to make a cube within a cube. This is a fun and simple project. The wood is pine. ---------------- Support free ...


Golf Ball Inside a Block of Wood Trick

JMT Films

I know many other people have done this and it isn't exactly "original", but I thought I would take a shot at it.


Making a Caged Golf Ball


Just like the title says, we are making a caged golf ball this week on the show. I hope you enjoy it. Not a complicated project by any means, but one that is quick ...


POSSIBLE lightbulb in a cage


This is another object of interest that serves little purpose, beyond making people wonder how it was done. I didn't make a proper build video, simply because ...


Impossible nail-through-wood trick.

Set up a woodworking shop for under $1000. Get my FREE guide. ▻ About this video: I used pine wood and boiled it in water for about ten ...


The most difficult Puzzle ? | How to solve it


This is wooden brain teaser with golf ball. Do you know, how to solve it ? The Main task is get the golf ball out of the wooden cage. I show you, how to solve it ...


IMPOSSIBLE Screw in a Block of Wood! (here's how it's done)


BUILD INSTRUCTIONS (Instructable) ▻ In this video, I will show you how to make the ...


Impossible ring through glass bottle

Jack Houweling

How to put an oak wood ring in a glass bottle. Build article: Facebook ...


Mystery Golf Ball in a Block of Wood

Franks DIY

I was told to not do anything heavy for a few weeks after having surgery and then I saw this on the ...


Impossible Golf Ball in a Cage


Pattern and Instructions at.


Ball Bearing in a Wooden Block


Great CNC Project. Place a Ball Bearing into a wooden block, once in, no one can get it out. Good application of the isosceles right triangle and the Pythagorean ...


Ball in a cage in a cage, out of one block of wood by Darryl Easter

Darryl Easter

Another whittling project from Darryl Easter.

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Patrick McArdle


Golf Gift - WoodLogger Inspired

This is a gift I put together for my Father In-law, who is an avid golfer. Decided to make this after watching the the WoodLogger's video called "Mystery Golf Ball In ...


Mystery Golf Ball in a Block of Wood (


Mystery Golf Ball in a Block of Wood WoodLogger com YT 18/2/2016

Alicia J. Love

Mystery Golf Ball in a Block of Wood WoodLogger com YT 18/2/2016.


woodwork projects / Mystery Golf Ball in a Block of Wood (

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