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Awesome ideas Making a Wrench Ring Knife

1 year ago Mr SunY

How to Make a Knife.


Making dagger/throwing knife from a wrench

2 years ago Core axe

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How to make Ring Knife

1 year ago Technician tv



How to make a Knife out of a wrench tool

1 year ago Mr.ToolMan


Making A Ring Knife From A Wrench

3 months ago Forged Edge

In this video I make a ring knife from a wrench This knife was fun to make and I will be making more in the future During my heat treat I show the temperature of ...


How To Make Custom Knife from Wrench - Tactical Wrench Knife

Visit for more detailed information. Making a custom knife using an old wrench made with forged ...


How to Make: RAZOR SHARP Knife From a Wrench (Karambit)

2 years ago ZNA Productions

My second ever attempt at blacksmithing a knife, today I'm making a Karambit out of a 21mm wrench from home depot, using my: Homemade anvil: ...


Making a Folding Ring Knife

2 years ago Miller Knives

Facebook page This is how I made a folding ring knife.


Wrench Ring

3 years ago J.R. Jackson

Wrench ring from


Making a Simple Knife Sharpener under 5$

4 months ago M.N. Projects

Cheap and simple sharpener "powered" with sandpaper. It can be done in one day from basic materials. The biggest advantage is cheap and generally ...


Box Wrench to Ring (HD)

2 years ago Nawty Potato

Watch me make a ring from a box wrench. This is my first ring and I plan to make some more in the future with different and more interesting materials. Only took ...


How To Make a Ring with a Coin in home (AMAZING)

5 years ago jonismo

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DIY Simple Wrench Knife [WalMiPictures]

4 years ago WalMi

A simple project, that you can do even without special tools. It's a great knife for your workshop or to open envelopes. If you follow our instructions in the movie, ...


How to make a Ring with a Coin. DIY

1 year ago jedrek29t

How to make a Ring with a Coin. DIY Support/JOIN : YOUTUBE: ...


DIY \\ The Chain Wrench

If you want to get access to exlusive content then become a patreon at: HABU's Tip Cup: ...


Making a Knife From An Old Wrench

5 months ago Koss

Handmade knife from old wrench, with bog oak handle. There I try to show all steps involved in this video.


How to Make a Ring from a Nut

2 years ago Andrew W

In this video learn how to make a ring from a steel nut. With a little bit of elbow grease, some time and minimal tools you can make this super cool ring. Here is a ...


EDC - How to make Key Ring Screwdriver Multi tool DIY

2 years ago weaponizer m

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INSTAGRAM EBAY First try making a mini push dagger ring, for auto defense.


Awesome ideas Making a Wrench Ring Knife

9 months ago Jamey Ellis