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Wooden ball bearing on the lathe

2 years ago Matthias Wandel

Making a wooden ball bearing on the lathe, patterned after regular steel ball bearings. Using my homemade lathe: ...


Make wooden balls easy

How to turn wooden balls. How to combine both the lathe and the drill press to make wooden balls. In this woodworking video we see how to set both ...


Making Wooden Balls / Spheres On the Lathe With a Drill

4 months ago WoodWorkWeb

Ever wondered how to make wooden balls? Well, In this video, we do some wood turning where I show you how to make wood spheres using a wood lathe, ...


Homemade Wooden Balls - with Holesaw & Lathe

1 year ago Pask Makes

Merry Christmas! I was hoping to make this video last Christmas but I ran out of time. I made sure I would get it done this year though. As I say in the video it looks ...


Turning a ball on the lathe

2 years ago Matthias Wandel

Experimenting with turning a spherical ball on the lathe, just turning it between the spindles and then trimming it. To use this ...


Building a lathe from scratch

2 years ago Matthias Wandel

Building a wood lathe from scratch, using wooden bearings and wooden pulleys. plans for the lathe available here: ...


Wooden ball from wooden cube without a lathe

5 years ago iPodVideo80GB

This is a random orbital sander turned upside-down with at wooden box right above it. The piece of wood will bounce around and eventually obtain a near ...


Homemade Sawmill #11 - Turning V-Groove Steel Wheels

9 months ago Donn DIY

Turning the v-groove steel double bearing saw carriage wheels on the lathe. Soundtrack: Pomade - Silent Partner (YouTube Audio Library)


Using Small Bearings

5 years ago Wooden Tool Man

I know it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out but ........ Small bearings have lots of uses. If you can get your paws on some get em.


#2- small plywood ball

making a 5" diameter plywood ball using 3/4" Baltic birch.


Homemade Woodworking Lathe || Make A Drill Powered Wooden Lathe

5 months ago Mistry MakeTool

Hello Friends, Today I Make A Woodworking Lathe. This Woodworking Lathe Is Powered By Drill Machine. I Have Used 13mm Drill Machine. I Hope You Enjoy ...


Ball turning Attachment DIY

3 years ago oldBRATTrider

Shop built ball turner and demonstration...Simple diy ball turning attachment for my grizzly lathe... How to and DIY with demonstration............ #obr #machinist.


Copy A Ball on the Lathe!

11 months ago JohnnyQ90

Don't Forget To - LIKE | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE This is a method of making spherical objects on the lathe. Some of my lathe tools: You can get the tools here: ...


How to Make a Wood Lathe From Scratch - Motor and Tailstock

2 years ago TAOW

In this video I am finishing the lathe. Part 1: Part 2: ...


Make Your Own Lathe

I made a drill powered mini/pen lathe using roller blade wheel bearings and a couple of scrap pieces of plywood. For futher information check out my insructable ...


Make a Yo-Yo

5 years ago ThisWoodwork How to make a wooden Yo-Yo: I show how to turn a wooden YoYo on the woodturning lathe using a ...

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1 month ago Fabian Jaque


How to make the disc sander SHAFT with bearings

In this video I make the driving shaft I will use to build a homemade disc sander. After the problems I had making the disc for the disc sander in my last video, ...


HomeMade Lathe Bearings Part 2 - mounted bearings vs sleeve bearings

2 years ago Ray MAKES

some of my viewers asked about which are the best bearings to use for building a wood lathe at home. Different manufactures make the same claim about ball ...


How to Make a Mini LATHE MACHINE at Home (Very Easy)

Learn how to make a simple wood lathe machine at home, it is very easy and interesting project. Make it your self and Enjoy! Like Us On Facebook: ...