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Making The OSB Stool

Build article with free plan: This is an older video that I had to re-edit and re-upload. I fixed up the audio a bit and added in ...


Making A Stool From OSB

More details here, plus the measured drawing: Started this back in February and put off finishing it until the weather warmed ...


002 ~ Disassemblable OSB Stool

Vincent Hendus

I needed a couple of stools in my workshop that I could easily store away after I used them and that would not take up much space. Also, I had a couple of OSB ...


How to Build a Counter Height Bar Stool with a Curved Seat for $10

Rogue Engineer

Full Details and Plans: Subscribe on YouTube: Subscribe to Our DIY Life ...


Making of a Cool Plywood Stool

Ari Ojala

The stool is made from ¾” thick birch plywood. Stool is about 8” tall and the top Is about 12” X 8 1/4”. I don't own a table saw so I had the plywood ripped to 1-1/2” ...


Making A Workshop Stool

Neil McKinlay

I want to put up a video every week to allow me to do small projects I can film then work out the editing and stuff. I didn't have much time this week so just made a ...


Making a stool

Marius Hornberger

We got some leftover from plywood manufacturing. Heavy pieces of beech. My mum had the idea to make it into a stool. So here we go. Follow me on Instagram: ...


How to make a herringbone bar stool of plywood


How to Make Vintage Shabby Chic Bar Stool, High Chairs | DIY

Learn how to make your own Shabby Chic Bar Stool for under $30! Korbin from Young Men With Purpose builds a Shabby Chic Bar Stool for the family.


Making A Wardrobe from OSB // Woodworking // My Cellar Workshop

My Cellar Workshop

My Fler shop: --- Hi, in this video I made a big wardrobe out of OSB. It is not really usual material for furniture making but ...


How to make bin boxes from scrap OSB

Jeff Bauer

In this video, I make bin boxes from 1/2" OSB that was left over from building shelves for a garage or shed. These are simple to make and you can customize the ...


DIY Rolling Shop Stool Build // Laminated Plywood Furniture

Inspire Woodcraft

With my rolling shop stool build, I try my hand at laminated plywood furniture for once. Complete with under-seat storage and a cool looking hourglass inspired ...


Make a classic wooden bar stool. It's a great guitar stool too!

Download my FREE GUIDE to setting up a shop for under $1000 ▻▻ This is a traditional wooden bar stool design. This one is going to be ...


How To Make Modern Barstools


In this episode I show you how to build a set of modern barstools. This project started out in sketchup with me drawing the parts to have templates made on a ...


Create a plywood stool


Make your very own stool out of plywood in just a few simple steps. Why not personalise it with paint? Download template here: Visit the ...


How to make the seat for the stool

Cutting a small piece of board to make the stool seat. I cut it with a hand saw, I round the edges using the router, and I attach it to the stool frame.


DIY Modern Plywood Bar Stool Seat

KZB design

How to design and make a simple comfortable modern plywood stool seat using scrap wood from the Rockler Plywood Challenge. The seat can be used with ...


Making a Shop Stool out of Two 2x4s

DN Handcrafted

When the Modern Maker Podcast put out the Two 2x4 challenge, I knew I wanted to try to build an entry. The constraint of using 70% of two 2x4s was really fun, ...


How to Build a Barstool for Around $3 Dollars


In this video I take inspiration from Ana White ( to build a bar stool. I use one single 2x6 that can be ...


Turning An OSB Bowl/ Skiatook Adventure 2017

Ox In The Shop

So I glued up this OSB blank a year ago and then I guess was a little scared to turn it because I didn't know how it would do. Well.... since I drove the 13 hours ...