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How to make wood gears super simple!

3 years ago izzy swan

Its allot of fun to use homemade wood gears in DIY projects and machines but laying them out and cutting them can be a bit of a pain. Not to mention they are not ...


How to make gears with gear tape

4 years ago izzy swan

Check out how to make gears with my gear tape method. This video explains how i used to make wood gears for all my woodworking contraptions. Gear ...


CNC router used to make wooden gears and and other stuff.

1 year ago Dave Garner

This is my first attempt at a 'Rube Goldberg" machine using my new CNC router.


Making beveled right angle gears

3 years ago Matthias Wandel

Making gears that run smooth at a right angle by beveling the teeth. More on making these: Using my gear program ...


Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

2 years ago Wintergatan

Get the audio track "Marble Machine" by Wintergatan: Marble Machine built and composed by Martin ...


DIY mini CNC machine part 16 (acrylic gears/bearings)

1 year ago iforce2d eCam:


Spur Gears in Fusion 360

1 year ago Jonathan Odom

This is a quick tutorial on how to create and set up spur gears in Fusion 360 with joints and motion links. Check out the instructable to learn how to make your ...


Whirligig Gears Testing (FS Woodworking)

This is a demo video showing my whirligigs gears (Whirligig Wars 2015) A new DIY woodworking project video from FS Woodworking. Remember: Always use ...


Vintage Esbit Stove: Testing my Back-up Gear

1 month ago Free America

I have a couple of vintage 1970's era Esbit stoves that I have lugged around the planet for some time. Last summer I mentioned them to Hupple's Cat in a ...


Wooden Mechanism Testing

4 years ago Derek Hugger

This video shows my mechanism machine, "Contrivance," as I was building it. Woodworking plans that include patterns and assembly instructions for all the ...


Rotary to linear motion with wooden gears

8 years ago Dano Zano

I made this rotary to linear motion gearbox with handmade wooden gears. I chucked up the drill and gave it a test run in this video. It works great, though it needs ...


making main spar & landing gear mounts #2

4 years ago hornitpilot

cutting some wood.


Motorizing and test driving the scaffold

4 years ago Matthias Wandel

Adding a self-propelled wheel to drive the scaffold while standing on top.


3d printed pentagon moving gear frame movement test

Parts were designed and 3d printed on a Mendel Max 3d printer. No current plans on releasing the design. The gears and outer frame parts were all printed.


Virtual Pinball DIY Controller - testing a gear motor, Pinscape/KL25Z

7 months ago wahcade

I connected a "VW JETTA 2 1.8 (85-88)" gear-/wiper motor to one of the diy optocoupler/mosfet boards in my Virtual Pinball DIY Controller for testing only.


Wooden Gear Kinetic Art, Prototype Mechanism #2

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Chop Gear: Carpenter Builds Wooden Street Legal Car

3 years ago Barcroft Cars

Chop Gear: Carpenter Builds Wooden Street Legal Car Barcroft Cars - The Home Of Amazing Car Stories Online SUBSCRIBE: A ...


50w SH-G350 laser cut wood gears

1 year ago RC10CNC

Son wanted to make and play with gear creator. We made others as well .250 wood 12 speed 35% power.


Mini DIY Desktop Saw Cutting Plastic Wood 775 Motor Drive 7 Gear Power

For more information, please check: This 80W mini desktop saw machine comes with 775R motor and 7 Gear adjustable power supply.


PAT4.0 DIY Video - Tool Head - Bevel Spur Gear Replacement

2 years ago Panduit

PAT4.0 DIY Video - Tool Head - Bevel Spur Gear Replacement This video instructs on how to replace the Bevel Spur Gear component on the Panduit PAT4.0 ...