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Making a Shop Stool out of Two 2x4s

DN Handcrafted

When the Modern Maker Podcast put out the Two 2x4 challenge, I knew I wanted to try to build an entry. The constraint of using 70% of two 2x4s was really fun, ...


How To Make A Bar Stool or a Shop Stool - 246

Build article: Subscribe to Shawn's channel: ...


Shop Stool: Build your woodworking skills with this basic technique.

Download my FREE GUIDE to setting up a shop for under $1000 ▻▻ ................................ This shop stool is one a great project to really learn ...


The Perfect Shop Stool

Dustin Penner

Thank you Rockler Woodworking and Hardware for making this video possible! Made easy you say? That's right! It's a circle with three ...


Barstool | Red Hot Building

Rated Red

We needed something to go with the pub table last week. So, we got Amanda Mertz to build us a couple of barstools. We like 'em a lot! What do you think?


Make a 2x4 Bar Stool Farmhouse style

ray carpenter

My wife and I made a bar stool. We used 2 10 foot 2x4's and a K5 Kreg jig. Music by ray carpenter.


Woodworking, Shop Stool, Extended Version, How To

Free Woodworking Plans: Join My Makers Mob Woodworking School: ...


Make a Workshop Stool or Bar Stool

Steve Carmichael

I made a Shop Stool for my woodworking shop and screen printed my logo on it. Click here for more info, photos, and the plan for this Shop Stool: ...


How to make a foldable shop stool

Check out this prototype for a folding stool made with simple tools! Subscribe to my channel: Sponsored by QALO: ...


Making a Rolling Mechanic Stool with tool drawers // Woodworking

Support me by purchasing the Plans & SketchUp file I made a rolling stool with tool drawers and parts storage to use while I'm working low ...


Crafting A Simple Walnut Stool

Andy Rawls

Join me as I build a simple walnut stool using traditional joinery methods such as through mortise and tenons and wedged mortise and tenons. Follow on ...


Making a 3 Legged Stool


My process of making my 3 legged stools out of white oak. My first video so thanks for watching! You can help support me and browse the tools I use in the shop ...


Making a Kick-butt Shop Stool

Jords Wood Shop

Thats right, there is a new podcast in town! Check it out and subscribe! Support the show by ...


Shop Stool From Rusty Old Nuts


I wanted something to sit on when tackling fiddly projects. These rusty beat-up old nuts had been laying around all over the shop for ages, so i decided it was ...


Rolling Shop Stool | How to Make | practical garage solution


I've designed this rolling creeper style stool with an integrated parts tray. The stool framework was made from 3/4” plywood and joined with glue & screws.


Making A Workshop Stool

Neil McKinlay

I want to put up a video every week to allow me to do small projects I can film then work out the editing and stuff. I didn't have much time this week so just made a ...


Making a Three Legged Stool 1 | Paul Sellers

Paul Sellers

This simple three legged stool bridges the gap between starter projects and more advanced projects. It's great for learning and makes a great gift. In this 1st of 3 ...


Easy DIY Shop Stool!!

Matts DIY

Another quick shop project this week! A shop stool is essential and i have lacked one for so long! Please like and subscribe to show your support!! Website: ...


How to Make a Simple Shop Stool Part 1

How to make a stool out of plain lumber.


Making Sculpted Bar Stool in Marc Spagnuolo's Shop

Matthew Cremona

I visited Marc's shop for several days and one the things we did was build a project in two days. Neither of us got our project totally done in that time but we came ...