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Milliput Bowl Inlay

2 years ago Peter Brown

Start with a hunk of walnut firewood, and add some two part epoxy putty and you've got a very striking looking bowl! Milliput is awful sticky stuff to work with, but ...


Woodturning a Bowl with Turquoise Milliput Inlay

In this video I finish off a demo piece using some trial turquoise Milliput, this new colour is still in development and is not yet available. ...


Woodturning a Holly and Milliput Inlay Bowl

In this video I create a bowl using a holly branch and Milliput epoxy putty as an inlay. You can now follow me on Instagram ...


Woodturning a Marbled Milliput Margin Bowl

In this video I turn a sycamore bowl with a Milliput inlay around the rim. This bowl will form the prize in my upcoming subscriber competition. My name is Jim ...


Milliput Ring

2 years ago Peter Brown

After making the Milliput inlay bowl I knew I wanted to make something entirely from the putty. I had some time to kill, while my resin project was curing, so I put ...


Turning a sycamore bowl with Milliput epoxy putty inlay - part 2

Turning a sycamore bowl with Milliput epoxy inlay - part 2 The UK and Ireland Woodturning Symposium Disclaimer Woodturning is ...


Woodturning a Goncalo Alves Bowl with Bronze Inlay

In this video I turn a Bowl from Goncalo Alves hardwood and inlay it with bronze and acrylic. I am using West Systems GFlex epoxy resin ( slow setting ) with ...


Pencil, Milliput and Elm Bowl

Finishing bowl episode 2.


Turning a Sycamore Enclosed Bowl with Milliput Inlay

Thanks for watching, please like and subscribe. For more detailed information on using Milliput, please look at my first 2 part video. The Milliput website also has ...


Bowl With Clay Insert

2 years ago John Clothier

In this project I created a maple bowl with 2 purple clay inserts. This had to go in the oven. Watch the video to find out if it worked! Mike Waldt's Milliput video ...


Wood Turning - Ash Goblet with Milliput Inlay

2 years ago Mike Waldt

I turn a chunky Ash Goblet, and use Milliput two part coloured Epoxy for an inlay, for the first time. Milliput - Jimson's Stuff ...


Ash bowl with an milliput insert

Harry's Woodcraft at the Little Garden Shed Workshop Ash bowl with an milliput insert Music: Humidity silent partner Jimson's Stuff ...


Turning Mahogany Bowls with Milliput Epoxy Putty Inlay

This is the 2nd video in my woodturning series showing some ideas for using Milliput epoxy putty as an inlay material. More detail can be found on my previous ...


Turning a sycamore bowl with Milliput epoxy putty inlay - part 1

Turning a sycamore bowl with Milliput epoxy putty inlay - part 1 This is my first woodturning video on YouTube. The blanks used are cherry and sycamore and ...


Woodturning at 54a. #89. Sycamore bowl with Yew inlays.

2 years ago Keith Barrow

Sycamore bowl,with slices of a branch of Yew set in epoxy resin round the rim. Yorkshire Grit:

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Milliput Jim Overton

3 months ago Tim Ackerson


#5 Woodturning the Milliput Bowl

4 months ago PF Woodturning

This video is about Turning the Milliput Bowl Thanks for visiting my channel. I share project videos on woodturning. Often, I used other materials with wood as ...


Woodturning - A Maple and Milliput Epoxy Bowl

3 months ago Twisted Crafts UK

In this weeks video i wood turn a maple bowl with a Milliput inlay also adding some pegs from bocote and mahogany. Hit that SUBSCRIBE button to follow me ...


drechseln einer Schale mit Milliput Verzierung, woodturning a Bowl with Milliput Inlay DIY

1 year ago Woodturning F-Z

drechseln einer Pappel Schüssel die ich mit Milliput Epoxidharzkit verziert habe gibts Hier ...


Wood turning - First time turning Milliput epoxy bowl (American black Walnut)

1 year ago CraftWithAfshin

Hi everyone today i decided to try out Milliput epoxy for side of bowl, please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy it!