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Making The Hybrid Bar Clamp

Plans here: Build article:


Make These Soft No-Twist Clamp Pads

Project details: These do three things: 1 - Keep the clamp pad from marking the wood 2 - keeps the pad straighter, ...


DIY Clamps

Micky Ralte

F Clamps, Bar Clamps.


How To Make A Wooden Bar Clamp (Free Plans)

Project details and free plans here: Project plans for sale: More videos on my ...


19-How to save money ? Make an horizontal clamp fo

How to make an horizontal clamp for workbenchwith a cheap silicon gun / presse horizontale pour établi avec un pistolet à silicone pas cher.


How to Make a Clamp - Wooden Beam or Pipe Clamps Build With Oak

Wood By Wright

THE GIVEAWAY IS ALL DONE!! the wooden Beam clamps in my shop have generated many questions. I made another video on them a few months ago and ...


Homemade clamp rivalry

Matthias Wandel

John and I testing how much force our respective long reach C clamps can exert. Sorry - disabled new comments. This video attracted far too many of the same ...


How To Make A Wooden Bar Clamp

This is my my latest long wooden bar clamp design, and I made this one as a prototype to check that everything works as planned. You can help support the ...


IMPROVED Long Bar Clamp Test Until It Breaks

Here's the prototype build video for this clamp: You can help support the work I do in making these videos: Plans for sale: ...


Easier Homemade Bar Clamps

Pask Makes

These clamps are an easier and cheaper to make version of steel clamps I made a while ago. While not being quite as heavy duty as the steel clamps they still ...


Making Wooden Cam Clamps

Adrian Preda

Cam clamps or luthier clamps are used for holding small pieces where you don't need much pressure such as small boxes, music instruments, very soft woods ...


Making BETTER Clamp Handles

Replacing the puny handles that are on the clamps with bigger, easier to grip ones. More details on this project here: ...


Making A Steel Bar Clamp

Build article with free SketchUp model: Testing how strong this clamp is: ...


Make It - Wooden Screw Clamps

Dustin Penner

I BET THE THING YOU WANT TO KNOW IS DOWN HERE ▽▽ - Patreon - - Website - ...


Homemade Bar Clamp - Re-Bar Clamp

AMG workshop

AMGworkshop: In this video i'm going to show you step by step how you can make a homemade bar clamp, i mean rebar clamp :D. I'm participating in the metal ...


Improving budget aluminum bar clamps for woodworking

Modifying and improving cheap woodworking clamps purchased at harbor freight. These simple inexpensive improvements make the tool stronger and easier to ...


Making cam clamps

Young Je


Pallet Wood Pipe Clamp Workbench Vise

Jackman Works

Pallet wood bench vise, it's what you've come to expect... Get the plans for the workbench & vise! Details! ▽ ▻ Full build ...

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Building a Heavy Duty Bar Clamp

Cosmas Bauer

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