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Making Hinges

7 years ago Anne Cushing

Making custom hand crafted door hinges in a small metal welding shop. For more information on custom hinges please contact David with Bellingham Plumbing ...



5 months ago Bagot Corner

Home made hinges Music by Yawning man “ black kite”


How to make hinges, part 1, Medieval Armor Techniques #4

Hinges are an integral part of any harness of armour. Even simple ones can have around 12 hinges in them. The ones I have been fortunate to take a proper ...


How to make hinges from nuts and bolts ( Life Hacks )

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Making wooden hinges

5 years ago Matthias Wandel

for more info:


Making weld on hinges

2 years ago Classic Work

How to make your on set of weld on hinges. Made from cold roll 1" round bar. Some good set up on the lathe.


Making custom Copper hinges & latch

2 years ago sixtyfiveford

Old plumbing pipe turned into hand hammered copper hinges for a custom chest The torch head I use is a Bernzomatic TS4000 that I have had for 15 years and ...



5 years ago Phil Crockett

This video shows how to make a hinge from a pipe and rod. NOTE: this is a welding project, so you must know how to weld in order to make this. This particular ...


3 knuckle hinge

5 years ago soham harrison

how to make a 3 knuckle hinge.


Making hinges faster than I could buy them.

1 month ago J Mantzel

and they're perfectly custom made for the thing I'm doing. :-) (Website hosting paid 'till 2028) Help out: ...


Heavy duty hinge fab

1 year ago Tyler Benington


Hand Forged Strap Hinges

Watch the Woodbury Blacksmith make traditional strap hinges for a house being built from an old barn. Click Subscribe to see future pictures and videos of this ...


Making Wooden Hinges with NO Specialty Tools - Joint of the Week

Get the Katz-Moses Magnetic Dovetail Jig here: This weeks woodworking joint is the Wooden Hinges with NO Specialty Tools. I tries to ...


Mecon Industries Brake Press Tools - A tool for making HINGES

A press brake tool for making hinges is featured. For a high volume production environment this two station tool creates a continuous hinge in 3 hit. Two hits on ...


automatic stainless steel hinge making machines, mould, die, tools, equipment

Foshan Fanshun Machinery CO.,LTD Mobile(Whatsapp):+86 13302899605(some times can't login whatsapp) SKYPE: ...


New tip for bbq pit hinges

Just an easier way to make your hinges.


How to Make Hinges | Jewelry Tips with Nancy

6 years ago Nancy Hamilton

In this video I will show you how to fabricate a basic butt hinge and discuss the design and function of hinges. I finally, finally (weeks) got my "Hinges" web page ...


Hinges part 1: How to solder successfully

9 months ago Roberta Pihl

How to solder on hinges: used 2.5mm OD heavy walled tubing. Make sure your edges are FLAT. UPDATE: One thing that was brought to my attention that ...


Makin' Hinges

3 years ago BBQwithFranklin ~ Full episode on how to make your own cooker and testing consumer cookers Hinges aren't just for doors, they can also ...


Forming Hinges in the Punch Press Saves Time, Increases Accuracy

Complex forms, such as hinges, may be produced with your punch press. Watch this video to see how the press forms the hinge with two tools. Eliminate ...