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Garden lounger of plastic barrels. Садовый шезлонг из бочки.

How to make a garden lounger with their hands from a plastic barrel. Как сделать садовый шезлонг из пластиковой бочки. Please subscribe to us in Instagram ...


Tim's Garden Barrels - How To Form A Pocket.

Tim Burrows

Quick demo on my process on how to form a pocket in a 55 gallon HDPE foodgrade plastic barrel. First using a circular saw to cut a slit, then a propane ...


A sun lounger made from plastic barrels.


Wonderful sun lounger bed made by plastic barrel. Best recycling use ever.


Hands down,, absolutely the best Barrel Garden system ever!! Part 1

How to set up your own Barrel Garden System! TUTORIAL.


Cutting barrel for hillside gardening container P.2


Cutting barrel for my hillside gardening.


How to make cheap and elegant wooden sunbed - tutorial - part 1

How to make wooden sunbed from scratch. In my case, I used britch-tree, but all kind of tree will be ok, escpecially leafy, dense like oak or ash. If You want more ...


From plastic barrel to workshop chair - DOIT11


Hi again, I hope you're doing pretty fine guys. I'm back again with another video in which I'll be transforming a medium size barrel into a workshop chair, thanks ...


The easiest and quickest way to cut the lid off of a plastic barrel

PAPA Texas

This was way easier than I thought it would be. The other videos on here I have seen aren't as easy. #bluebarrel #barrelpotatoes.


How to make cheap and elegant wooden sunbed - tutorial - part 2

Second part of the tutorial - how to make wooden sunbed in You backyard.


Making a sun lounger

A video of me making a sun lounger. TITLE1 by ARTIST1 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ...


Plastic Barrel Canoe Rebuild Video # 2

A continuation of my plastic barrel canoe rebuild and how I plan to weld the barrels together at the seams once I get everything together. I also want to show a ...


IM BACK! Build your own oil drum chair!

Tom Howbridge

Using a metal 205l barrel some rubber edging, polyurathane foam, plywood and some faux leahter you can make your very own Oil drum chair what is both ...


Turn a plastic barrel into a wheelbarrow

Food For Thought

Turning a free plastic barrel into something that can be used around the garden. I got a free plastic barrel and turned it into a wheelbarrow. Cut the barrel in half ...


Projects Old and New, A Sawmill and a Barrel Canoe.

Some of my projects I need to finish if the weather ever straightens out, tired of trudging through mud. I have a lot more projects and ideas to come also.


DIY HDPE pulk sled from a 55 gallon drum

Waste not want not, some sub-human scum left a shot up plastic 55 gallon barrel out on public land. so after some thought I came back to it with a chainsaw, ...

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VQS: Plastic Drum Projects

Felix Hernandez


Contemporary wooden sunbed


A contemporary sunbed design made from larch and spruce wood. This video follows a process of making a sunbed over a few days period. It took me ...


Amish Outdoor Furniture Barrel Back 4ft. Recycled Plastic Po

Buy this swing exclusively at: We hope to see ...


How to Make a Wooden Pixel Lounge Chair | DIY | Idea

Mr. Zafran

How to Make a Wooden Pixel Lounge Chair How to Make a Wooden Pixel Lounge Chair How to Make a Wooden Pixel Lounge Chair Thank For Watching!



Joe Explores

In 2008 I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail 2176 miles and in 2010 the Pacific Crest Trail 2650 miles. I'm a Wilderness Guide that's lived One full year of my life in ...