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Garden lounger of plastic barrels. Садовый шезлонг из бочки.

How to make a garden lounger with their hands from a plastic barrel. Как сделать садовый шезлонг из пластиковой бочки. Please subscribe to us in Instagram ...


From plastic barrel to workshop chair - DOIT11

2 years ago DOIT50

Hi again, I hope you're doing pretty fine guys. I'm back again with another video in which I'll be transforming a medium size barrel into a workshop chair, thanks ...


Barrel Chair Project

7 months ago Bob wright

A Nice chair for outside made from a 55 gallon barrel.


Building a half barrel raised bed Garden Planter

9 months ago John Sellers

I would like to thank all my friends and subscribers. I love you all! If you enjoyed this video, Please like, share, and subscribe!


The easiest and quickest way to cut the lid off of a plastic barrel

2 years ago PAPA Texas

This was way easier than I thought it would be. The other videos on here I have seen aren't as easy.


A sun lounger made from plastic barrels.

2 years ago Look@ReView

Wonderful sun lounger bed made by plastic barrel. Best recycling use ever.


How to make cheap and elegant wooden sunbed - tutorial - part 1

How to make wooden sunbed from scratch. In my case, I used britch-tree, but all kind of tree will be ok, escpecially leafy, dense like oak or ash. If You want more ...

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VQS: Plastic Drum Projects

1 year ago Felix Hernandez

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Вироби з дерева


Turn a plastic barrel into a wheelbarrow

2 years ago Food For Thought

Turning a free plastic barrel into something that can be used around the garden. I got a free plastic barrel and turned it into a wheelbarrow. Cut the barrel in half ...


Plastic Drum Recycle Saw

This system cuts in 55 US gallon plastic drums into 6 pieces that can then be placed into a granulator to produce regrind plastic.

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Бизнес идеи


Extreme rocking chair | How to Make a Relax Chair with Plustic drum | DIY Rocking Lounge Chair

2 years ago Creative Crafts

Extreme rocking chair | How to Make a Chair with Plustic drum | DIY Rocking Lounge Chair == Subscribe here ...


amazing Vietnamese boat made from plastic barrel

5 years ago eastcodeTravel


Amish Outdoor Furniture Barrel Back 4ft. Recycled Plastic Po

Buy this swing exclusively at: We hope to see ...


Cutting barrel for hillside gardening container P.2

6 years ago lmen255

Cutting barrel for my hillside gardening.

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2 years ago Mario Alemi

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1 year ago Yurrs Ivan


Bait Tank from a 55 gallon plastic drum.

2 years ago Teny Trendy

Building a Bait Tank from a 55 gallon plastic drum.


Contemporary wooden sunbed

1 year ago lignum

A contemporary sunbed design made from larch and spruce wood. This video follows a process of making a sunbed over a few days period. It took me ...