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Woodturning - One Big Ugly Burl into a dragon egg !!

7 months ago Andy Phillip

This gnarly burl was another field find , I was planning on making a vase but wasn't confident it would stay on the lathe while hollowing as some of it was quite ...



1 year ago JAIRUS OF ALL

Concrete dragon eggs are all the rage! I made concrete ICE DRAGON eggs!!!! By using Rockite instead of regular concrete it makes the process sooo much ...


Woodturning-The Lava Dragon Egg Giveaway

5 months ago Andy Phillip

I recently passed 100k subscriber mark which is 'MIND BLOWING' A massive thankyou to everyone who has supported my channel and watched and ...


Making the Dragon's Egg from Game of Thrones

5 years ago Rextorn Metalwork

We are Rextorn and we've made the Dragon Egg from Game of Thrones replica by using the technique of repousse, chasing and metal spinning. Find us on ...


How To: Make Dragon Eggs

5 years ago Hayden Cox

I know this is really random, but hey, why not. A big thanks to Kenzie for helping us learn how to make dragon eggs.


Turning Wood and Epoxy Resin into a hybrid dragon egg

3 months ago Ben's Worx

On this episode of Bens worx i take a piece of dyed burl and cast it in clear resin, i then turn it on the lathe and create George the dragon egg. Want to send me ...


How to make a Dragon Egg from Game of Thrones | Naoko Cosplay |

1 year ago Naoko Cosplay

In this Tutorial I´ll show you how I´ve made my Dragon Eggs for my Daenerys Cosplay. Sorry for my bad English, it's not my mother language but I try my best :D" ...


Simple Dragon Egg Tutorial | RUBYREM DIY

4 years ago Ruby Reminiscence

Watch this tutorial to find out how to make your very own dragon egg! (Skip to 4:06 to see how to assemble it) To see the matching nail art tute, click here: ...


How to make a DIY Dragon Egg | Game Of Thrones Special

It's time for another Game Of Thrones special episode. With this simple technique you will be able to make your very own Game Of Thrones Special Dragon Egg.


How To Make Dragon Eggs! Harry Potter Inspired Easter Decoration Craft!

1 year ago Becca Beach

I love doing Harry Potter tutorials! Today I show step by step how to make Dragon Eggs for Easter! They are inspired by Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and other ...


DIY Game of Thrones Dragon Egg ▶️ Polymer clay Tutorial (Cosplay) ▶️ Irina Ivanitskaya

2 years ago Irina Iva

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you how to make a Polymer clay Dragon egg based on the series Game of Thrones. I hope you like this tutorial!

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Burl Dragon eggs

5 months ago Charles Haymons


How to make a dragon's egg from 2 simple mixtures ("Dragon's egg" experiment aka "Thermite")

1 year ago MEL Science

For MEL Science safe experiments subscription go here: Do you like stories about fantastic creatures? Chemistry turns myths into reality!


The BIGGEST Dragon EGG on the internet - DIY Egg Made of Spoons

4 months ago AC Art

I disagree with what seems to be a consensus that dragon eggs are small. I think they should be HUGE! So today I'm sharing, with all of you, a tutorial to make ...


DRAGON EGG SPELL... read the description please.

1 year ago kk vind

So this was not my spell but it works1000000000%.


Making Concrete Dragon Eggs

1 year ago Peter Brown

Mrs. Brown wanted to try dragon eggs! They look so cool and otherworldly and it seemed like a pretty easy process to replicate. It wasn't quite the 3 easy steps I ...


Game of Thrones DRAGON EGGS DIY

3 years ago Brizzy Voices

BUILDING A CATAPULT WITH JAMIE: This video features the ever-lovely Jamie Jo! She's a very talented ...


How To Make Dragon Egg From Game Of Thrones Using Plaster Of Paris

7 months ago Entertainers

How's it going Entertainers. This is Mustafa Ali and today I'm going to show you How To Make Dragon Egg From Game Of Thrones Using Plaster Of Paris.


The Golden Egg - Harry Potter DIY

1 year ago TheCraftMaiden

I'm a big fan of Harry Potter and have always wanted my own golden egg. For more information about materials and tools you need, keep reading on ;) Things ...


Our hot tip: Golden dragon eggs made out of plaster

1 year ago Cleverly

Of all the mythical creatures in human folklore, there's one that's fascinated us for centuries: the fire-breathing dragon. Throughout the ages, artists have depicted ...