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Making A Dining Table With Mahogany, Teak, Oak, Pine & Spruce (part 2 of 2)

Woodwork video. In this video I make the frame for the table, assemble it and finish it. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe! ...


Making A Dining Table With Mahogany, Teak, Oak, Pine & Spruce (part 1 of 2)

Woodwork video. Here I make a dining table for my home. In this video I make the table top. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe!


How To Build A Dining Table - 242

Build Article & Plans: Video for the table top: ...


Walnut Farmhouse Table with Breadboard Ends

Ty Moser

I recently finished this solid walnut farmhouse table with breadboard ends. The majority of the construction was done using traditional joinery such as drawbored ...


Make a laminated table top - The Architect's Table part eleven.

Tom Fidgen Welcome to the Unplugged Woodshop YouTube channel. Woodworking videos, woodworking tips, woodworking ...


054 - Tasmanian Oak Dining Table (for mum)

Paul Jenkins

A more traditional apron-and-4-leg table design for my mum, out of solid Tasmanian Oak (aka Victorian Ash). --- Follow me on Twitter ...


Build a Farmhouse Dining Table - Part Two


At long last...part two on how to build your own farmhouse dining table. Today I'll build the apron and attach the legs! you can watch part one here: ...

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DIY Wood Projects


Woodworking Curved Cabriole Style Dining Table Leg Walkthrough

John Malecki

In this video I walkthrough how to create a set of simple curved woodworking Cabriole Dining Table Legs from reclaimed wood. Check out full walk through at ...


Simple Oak Table

Slutsky Workshop

Super simple to make oak table.


How to Build A Walnut Dining Table (BYOT #23)


This DIY project is all about how to build a black american walnut dining room table from start to finish. From cutting, plaining, sanding, and finishing.


Expanding Table Upgrades #2

Scott Rumschlag

Support ring complete, installation and slider modifications underway.

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Make a table

Gary Williams


Making A Plywood End Grain Table Top From Offcuts - Part 1 of 2

Part 2: Woodwork video. In this video I make a table top using the end grain of some scraps and offcuts of ...

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making tables

Kathy Betts


How to make solid oak table


Step by step how I made this oak table 190X90cm.

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Dining Table

Aldo Franconi Jr

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Table build

Mark 825


Making A Herringbone Coffee Table Using Salvaged Oak (part 2 of 2)

Part 1: Woodwork video. In this video I make a frame for the herringbone coffee table top that I made in a ...