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Homemade Belt Sander / Grinder/ 2"x72" - part 1- Build the Frame

From The Wood

Belt Sander or Belt Grinder. Building the frame made of wood. In the next video I'll apply the engine and finish the machine. If you like what i do you can support ...


Homemade 2"x72" Belt Sander/Grinder Part 1 (D-Backing Plate With Tool Arm)

This is a video series on how I build my belt sander. This is the website I went off of----- It will have ...


Belt grinder build 2/2: Motor, table, platen, and housing

Matthias Wandel

Finishing up my belt grinder / belt sander. It can take anything from 1x42" to 2x72" belts. Using a washing machine motor.


#DIY Homemade 72" X 2" Belt Grinder Sander Part 1

Larry Sbrusch

Part 1 of my #DIY Homemade 72" x 2" Belt Grinder..Not completely finished at this point, but functional.. Will add part 2 when it is complete and will have all of ...


Homemade Belt Sander / Grinder/ 2"x72" - part 2 - Motorizing and Finishing

From The Wood

In this video I finished the belt sander. I put the engine of an old machine and applied the paint. The machine was running smoothly, but need a more powerful ...


Building my 2x72" Belt Grinder

Jeremy Schmidt

Plans are available! Read more about the machine and the plans here: Or buy them immediately here: ...


DIY Belt Sander Build Part 2 - making the Idol Wheels


This is my first attempt at building a 2 x 72 inch belt sander. Here in video 2 I machine the idol wheels.


Metal Working: Homemade belt sander and grinder

Bruce Cheaney

Metal Working: Homemade belt sander and grinder. Belt grinder for Knife Making 2 x 72 inch Sanding Belts. This is a homemade belt grinder that has been used ...


Building The 3 in 1 Sanding Station Part:1 ( Belt Sander, Disc Sander, Edge Sander )


Hello friends, this project consist of 2 parts. In this video you will be watching first part of 3 in 1 sanding station. This part including belt sander part of the 3 in 1 ...


DIY 2"x72" belt grinder/sander part 2

Kenny Hess

2"x 72" home made knife grinder sander. Multi purpose ability for metals, woods and plastics. Ability to perform different grinds.


D.I.Y. 2"x 72" Belt Sander/Grinder Part 2 (Main Body Of The Grinder)

This is Part 2 of the build. This is the website that I based the build off of.... In this video we are ...


DIY | The belt grinder

Hassan Abu-Izmero

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Angle grinder attachment homemade metal grinder belt sander

Sean Beardon

This is my third angle grinder hack video, in this one I will show the how I built my Angle grinder belt sander attachment which is the bigger brother to my other ...


How to make the simplest 2x72 Belt Grinder / Sander

Eternal Knives

More advanced version coming soon! Ever wanted a 2x72 grinder but for some reason couldn't get one? Here's one made in no time at all with just some scraps ...


make a 2 x 72 belt sander/grinder

Young Je


DIY Belt Sander Grinder Using Bicycle Hub

Sek Austria

Project no.57 diy 2x72 belt sander using bicycle hub as rollers I got a good result with this machine. Bicycle side wheel hub rollers are working just fine, and the ...


Making a 2x48 Belt Sander pt 2 Tips #511 tubalcain


Here's the link for the wheel casting patterns. This is part 2 of a multi-part video series where I construct a 2" x ...


Homemade 72 Inch Belt Sander Part 2

Belt grinder made from an old treadmill.


Surface Grinder part#1 Contact Wheel From Scratch


Surface Grinder part#1 Contact Wheel From Scratch You can find the castable rubber @ If you'd like to support ...


Homemade 72 Inch Belt Sander Part 1

Making a belt grinder out of an old treadmill.