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Ball Peen Hammer Restoration

Bishy Rascal

A friend of mine wanted the handle fixed on his hammer, so I completely refurbed it with a new handle and clean of the hitting part. The head is connected using ...


How to Make a Ball-Peen Hammer from an Old Bolt - with a Secret Twist! (no pun intended)


A DIY Ball-Pen Hammer from a Bolt Using ONLY a Rotary Tool?! In this video, I will show you how to make a ball peen hammer WITH A TWIST! No pun intended ...


Making axe with power tools (Re-upload. No metal music )

You can support my channel by buying original -TofG- shirt Re-uploaded, shorter ...


Making axe with power tools (long version )

Making cool axe with awesome angle grinder, from a railroad track! It was a gift to my friends 40th birthday, and its just a decorative piece. Music: Rockingdyde!


Аmazing Рroject. Bolt + Old Hammer. NewTechnology. My Experiments.


The new wood handle bolt technology makes it easy to replace the handle and gives it greater strength where wood handles need it the most.


Making a hammer- panel beating hammer

Davor Matić

My eyes see, my hands do. Simple little project of making a special hammer, my way of course. here is my first video about a hammer ...


Incredible Wrought Iron Cobblers Hammer Custom Restoration with Blueing


This was an awesome little hammer to restore. In cleaning it up I learned that it is a C Hammond size 4 shoe hammer and that it was forged using wrought iron.

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Blacksmith Tools

Voo Doo Tennessee


Making a Hatchet with ALEC STEELE - Forging with a Sledge Hammer!

TA Outdoors

I head back to Alec Steele's workshop to forge my own custom Hatchet. Alec taught me how to forge with a sledge hammer as well as how to put a handle on an ...


finishing the Double diagonal peen hammer part 3

Black Bear Forge

The use of a diagonal peen hammer can be much more ergonomic than a cross peen or straight peen hammer. Today lets look at the final finishing along with ...


Desert Ironwood Hammer Handle

My first of many hammer handles I'll be making, and desert ironwood is a great place to start! Enjoy!


Amazing welding Tool | chipping hammer for welding

Be Creative

hand tools | Unique hand tools chipping tool for welding #handtools #idea #BeCreative Product links : Professional Camera Tripod : ...


Specialty Hammers & Dollies Plus How To Use Them!

Eastwood Company

Matt goes over the differences in the shapes of the Fairmount Hammers & Dollies. Plus tips and tricks for using them! See More Here: ...


Old Clamp Restoration

In this video I'm going to show you how I restore this wasted Piher classic f clamp with simple steps, using a knoted wire cup on my angle grinder, some wd40 ...


MK: DIY Survival axe

In this video I´m making small axe for simple camping or hiking tasks. I made this very simple and lightweight hatchet to use it while camping, hiking or fishing, ...


Bearing Ball Forged Into Useful Knife

Ball bearing are made of tough steels. Why waste that? Even smaller balls can be forged in incredibly useful tools! This one is the first that came me to mind.


Rubics cube twist - blacksmithing for beginners

Black Bear Forge

The cube twist or Rubics cube twist has many variables. This is a very basic version of the twist with most of the setup work being done at the vise with a ...


Reverse flow BBQ Smoker from water heater tank


This is a reverse flow smoker built from an old hot water heater tank. I had some time off of work and started building this. I ended up getting shipped off to Texas ...


Finishing the hot chisel

Black Bear Forge

In the second segment of our look at making a hot set or handled hot chisel, we look at grinding the tool with an angle grinder then hardening and tempering the ...