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Woodturning - Making a Wooden Apple

I'm turning an apple on the minilathe Support me on Patreon:


Wooden Apple


An apple turned from cherry wood with an ebony stem. It's a pretty simple project for the lathe and it was FUN!


Making a Simple Goblet with Apple Wood

Le PicBois

I went to my friend Vic Tesolin's workshop in Carleton Place, Ontario. We teamed up to produce a video series. Here's one of them. 𝐕𝐢𝐜'𝐬 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥: ...


How to Make a Wood Crate from a 2x6

Make Something

How to Make a Wood Crate from a 2x6. A quick and simple project to make a useful and decorative wood crate. Subscribe for weekly woodworking projects: ...


This is how a wooden apple and pear is made

Gregos Jez

This video is not instruction how to make a wooden apple and pear. Only gives you a idea what you need to do. To make it. This video was taken at Midlands ...


Wood Turning a Wooden Apple from....Apple Wood!

Mike Waldt

The process I use to turn a wooden apple on the lathe.


Making a wood bowl

Guy Marsden

Time lapse of me turning a bowl from fresh cut (green) apple wood. This really old apple tree blew down in a storm on my neighbors a week ago and he let me ...


Wood Apple TV Stand w/ Shou Sugi Ban Finish


making a japanese style apple tv/roku stand with a shou sugi ban finish.


16) Making a simple wooden apple with a lathe

Cool Invasion

I've simply glued two little scrap pieces of wood and made an apple on the lathe with it. If you are looking for easy beginner woodworking and woodturning ...


Woodturning - Apple Box

Jason Lowrie


Wood Turning - An Apple from Irish Yew

Mike Waldt

I turn an apple from a piece of Irish Yew with a large and deep inclusion.


Wooden Apple (Teak)


SORRY ABOUT THE SOUND ABOUT 3/4 OF THE WAY THROUGH, ITS ONLY 10 Secs LONG!!! A how-to video about making a wooden apple, i made this one ...


wood turning a wooden apple

barry charnley

this is how a make a wooden apple use just skew chisel and hot glue gun.


Woodturning "How I Turn Apples"

Trevor Cocks


# 18 Woodturning A Wooden Apple, Wooden Fruit.

Tony Meadley

Wood Turned Apple, Wooden Fruit made from spalted sycamore. Finished with a high gloss wax.


Turning an Apple

Sterling Davis

I am turning fruit from wood to be placed in a Wooden Bowl I turned, this is my Journey on how I Turned an apple, and more fruit to come. If you like what I do and ...


Build a Rack and Cloth Apple (Cider) Press

Matthew Cremona

This press is very easy to build with simple lap joinery and a few mortise and tenon joints. The entire press is held together with carriage bolts so it can be easily ...


Woodturning a wooden apple with carbide lathe tools


This week, I'm responding to a challenge issued by Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals (I'm a MeMo!), and Alex Harris from ThisWoodWork to ...


making a apple ladder,


my first apple ladder,and what i learned .


Woodturning - Making another Goblet with captive Ring

I'm making an applewood goblet with a captive ring Support me on Patreon: