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Woodturning - Making a Wooden Apple

I'm turning an apple on the minilathe Support me on Patreon:


Making A Wooden Apple TV Stand

2 years ago YoungWood

making a japanese style apple tv/roku stand.


Wooden Apple

6 years ago GreenArrows0705

An apple turned from cherry wood with an ebony stem. It's a pretty simple project for the lathe and it was FUN!


How to Make a Wood Crate from a 2x6

4 years ago Make Something

How to Make a Wood Crate from a 2x6. A quick and simple project to make a useful and decorative wood crate. Subscribe for weekly woodworking projects: ...


Wood Turning a Wooden Apple from....Apple Wood!

6 years ago Mike Waldt

The process I use to turn a wooden apple on the lathe.


Making a Wooden Container

Like what you see? Want more? Visit us at.. ...


Build a Rack and Cloth Apple (Cider) Press

2 years ago Matthew Cremona

This press is very easy to build with simple lap joinery and a few mortise and tenon joints. The entire press is held together with carriage bolts so it can be easily ...


Building the apple grinder

7 years ago Matthias Wandel

Showing how I built my apple grinder.


How to Turn an Apple (Turning Fruit Part 1 of 3)

In this three part series I demonstrate turning wooden fruit on a lathe. Part 1 will be on turning an apple. A bowl of wood fruit in a bowl makes a nice table ...


Homemade Maine Apple Cider, Hand Press & Apple Grinder

9 years ago rickartj

Homemade Maine Apple Cider Hand Press 2008 Shown is a homemade cider press inspired by traditional designed. Most of the wood work was done by a ...


This is how a wooden apple and pear is made

1 year ago Gregos Jez

This video is not instruction how to make a wooden apple and pear. Only gives you a idea what you need to do. To make it. This video was taken at Midlands ...


Woodturning - Apple Box

1 year ago Jason Lowrie


Woodturning "How I Turn Apples"

2 years ago Trevor Cocks


MAKING A WOODEN APPLE! | jackedupjigsaw

Thanks for watching my first video! Hope you enjoyed.


Wood Turning - An Apple from Irish Yew

5 years ago Mike Waldt

I turn an apple from a piece of Irish Yew with a large and deep inclusion.


Make a Wood Banana (Turning Fruit Pt 3 of 3)

We are going to make wooden bananas In this part 3 video. We are not going to actually turn them on a lathe since it is so much easier to make them using a ...


Turning an Apple

1 year ago Sterling Davis

I am turning fruit from wood to be placed in a Wooden Bowl I turned, this is my Journey on how I Turned an apple, and more fruit to come. If you like what I do and ...


16) Making a simple wooden apple with a lathe

2 years ago Cool Invasion

I've simply glued two little scrap pieces of wood and made an apple on the lathe with it. If you are looking for easy beginner woodworking and woodturning ...


Making a Wooden Whiskey Glass

Who doesn't love whiskey? What makes whiskey even better? Drinking it out of a wooden whiskey glass. Here is my process of start to finish on how to create a ...


Building a Wooden Apple Crate for Wedding Centerpieces or Storage

To purchase these crates please visit: This is my first attempt at a how to video. I learned alot and hope to make ...