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Forging a Knife From A Pipe Wrench

Check out my Second YouTube Channel -- Jake Fowler I found an old Ridgid pipe wrench ...


Forging A Throwing Knife From A Pipe Wrench

Forging a knife from a pipe wrench Its been a while since I made a cool throwing knife and I have never made a throwing knife from a pipe wrench. I decided to ...


Making A RIDGID Wrench Knife

Subscribe to my website for Giveaways-Coupons-Updates Thank you for 100k Subscribers!!!!!!! Making a knife from a 10 ...


Forging a Pipe Wrench Knife

Bought this big old wrench a while back and decided id forge a beefy hunting type knife from it hope you like it and thanks for watching. you can now Support me ...


Forging a knife from a rusty wrench

Found this rusty broken wrench in a garage sale and since you guys seemed to like my last wrench knife I thought why not do you another one. thanks for ...


How to Make: RAZOR SHARP Knife From a Wrench (Karambit)

2 years ago ZNA Productions

My second ever attempt at blacksmithing a knife, today I'm making a Karambit out of a 21mm wrench from home depot, using my: Homemade anvil: ...


Broken Pipe Wrench Hack || Make A Useful Tool

11 months ago Mistry MakeTool

Hello Friends, Today I Show You Rusted Broken Pipe Wrench Hack. This Trick Is Useful. I Hope You Enjoy This Video. If You Like This Video Then Click On Like ...


How To Make Custom Knife from Wrench - Tactical Wrench Knife

Visit for more detailed information. Making a custom knife using an old wrench made with forged ...


Making a Simple DIY Knife from a File No Forge Needed

1 year ago BackyardBowyer

Hey everyone! Here's another quick knife, this one is made from an 8 inch file. I wanted to show you how I would go about making a knife with only a bench ...


Making Knife From Old and Bent Wrench

1 week ago weaponizer m

Making Knife From Old and Bent Wrench Follow me: instagram: pinterest: ...


Pipe Wrench Knife

1 month ago Forged Edge

In this video I forge a knife from some pipe wrench jaws. There was a lot of steel to move with these pipe wrench jaws. It took longer than I thought it would, but it ...


Forging A Katana From Pipe Wrench

Forging a mini katana from a 36 inch Ridgid pipe wrench. The hook jaw of this pipe wrench was damaged and I decided to give it a new life has a katana sword.


Forging a knife out of a pipe wrench jaw for my brother part 1..

6 months ago D-WEST FORGE

Blacksmithing and other forging and shop projects.


How to make a Knife out of a wrench tool

1 year ago Mr.ToolMan


Making a Knife From An Old Wrench

5 months ago Koss

Handmade knife from old wrench, with bog oak handle. There I try to show all steps involved in this video.


Transforming a Rusty Old Wrench into a Knife

1 year ago Miller Knives

face book page This is how I made a knife from an old wrench.


Antique Wrench Turned Into A Beautiful knife

Check out my Second YouTube Channel -- Jake Fowler Turning an antique wrench into a ...


Making a knife from a pipe wrench

The rough forging and drawing into shape of a blade from a 14 inch pipe wrenches jaw. I tripled the time to make this 21 minute video into a 7 minute watch to ...


Make Custom Battle Axe With Wrench Handle

How to make a custom battle axe using a wrench for the handle. The wasteland ax was made using an old ax head that I reshaped into a Viking battle ax head ...



1 year ago JAIRUS OF ALL

WRENCHCRIST THE BOLT CLEAVER!!! Or Wrenchalibur! Visit to buy stuff that I made! MORE LINKS BELOW GAWKBOX ...