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Making a Carbide Woodturning Tool: The Basic Steps

SP Wood Art

Making your own wood turning tools is a great way to gain skill, comfort, have fun, and even better -- save money. This video shows the basic steps involved in ...


How to make a Carbide Lathe Tool

Tommy G Workshop

This video shows the materials required, and the process involved in making a carbide lathe tool at home. These tools are very inexpensive to make, and they ...


Making carbide woodturning tool

Young Je


How to make a Inexpensive carbide cutter for woodturning

Kendall Northern

This video shows you how to make a set of carbide cutters used for woodturning for about 20 to 30 dollars. Using a few parts and the tools most will already have ...


Making Carbide Lathe Tools This video shows the materials required, and the process involved in making a carbide lathe tool at home. These tools are ...


Turning a Handle for a Carbide Tool on the Lathe

I made a handle for a new tool out of palm wood and red oak. It isn't perfect, but I learned a lot. What do you think?


Making a Carbide Cutter Tool

The Mad Maker

Hey people, this is a video of my home-made carbide woodturning tool. I'm extremely happy with the build but given half the chance I'd buy some professionally ...


DIY Carbide Turning Tools Tips and Suggestions for Wood Turning

Anthony Dowies

This is not a DIY Build video on how to make DIY Carbide Turning Tools. This is what I thought about my own tool after about 3 weeks of service. I started with a ...


Carbide Lathe Tool - DIY - Build Your Own

This is a DIY carbide lathe tool. In the video is a full list of materials but basically the tool is made from a 1/2" rod, scrap oak for the handle, and a carbide insert.


039 - Make your own carbide lathe chisel

Paul Jenkins

Carbide lathe chisels are wonderful, but super expensive. I made my own, and saved over $100 (AUD) per chisel. Plus, its pretty hard to find jarrah handles on ...


How to Make Carbide Lathe Tools 001

McCauley's Design

This video shows you step by step how to make carbide tipped lathe tools. Visit my website: Support McCauley's Design on ...


DIY $15 Carbide Lathe Tool


Carbide tip lathe tools are not cheap, but most of the materials to make one can be found at any hardware store. I built one using 1/2" square steel stock, some ...


How to make carbide insert woodturning tool

I don't like sharpening my woodturning tools, so I thought that it would be nice to have tools with carbide inserts. However, such tools are quite expensive and I ...


DIY Carbide Lathe Tool

Rather than pay $70 for a "mini" lathe tool or $120 for a "full size" lathe tool, I paid $20 for the carbide cutter (ridiculous) and made my own. I used hickory for the ...


how to make your own carbide tipped lathe tools

how to make your own carbide tipped lathe tools.


wood turning # 15 making a carbide tool handle

a quick video making a handle for one of my carbide tools.


Turning tools: Carbide vs. HSS - Which is better? (Making a wooden mallet)

Stumpy Nubs



DIY Carbide Cutter Woodturning Tools

Larry Satchwell

How to make wood turning tools with carbide cutters. I made these for my son's Christmas present. We had a budget of under $50.00.


Reviewing Homemade Carbide Woodturning Tools 24 months on

Jake Webb

Hard to believe two years have past since I posted the video of making my carbide cutters. So time for a review of what they have added to my tool options. Make ...


# 180 The basic bowl with Carbide tools

I turn a very basic bowl using only a faceplate and center. For tools, I use the "Taste of Carbide" combo from my website. Big Guy Productions and Capt.