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How to make a Cheese Slicer

Free PDF Plans: Purchase Cheese Slicer Kits: Visit my online store: · See ...


Cheese Slicer Demo


Here I bring some cheese slicers out from their slumber for a little show.... and LIKE my Facebook page High Falls Furniture for Ebay product updates and the ...


Make a Cheese Board and Forged Cheese Slicer

Timothy DC

Finishing up the cheese board with a 1 3/8" hole and a nice soft rounded over edge. After that it was time to forge my own cheese slicer. Part 1: ...


Slicing Cheese on a Meat Slicer/ Grocery Savings on Dairy Products


Cutting the Cheese with Steve Economides. We were hosting our daughter's wedding and preparing all of the food. We needed to slice 20 pounds of cheese to ...


Beginner Lathe Project, How to Make Cheese Knife Handles

Jon Peters

Subscribe to the Jon Peters Art channel: Rockler Cheese Knife kit ...


How to Change the Wire on the RSVP Grey Marble Cheese Slicer

RSVP International

Watch our video tutorial on how to remove and replace the wire on our Grey Marble Cheese Slicer. Item # GRY-5 compatible with Wire Item # W-3. Please check ...


Shred your own Cheese - Save Carbs and Money! | Tips | Caveman Keto

Caveman Keto

For more recipes and tips visit Did you know that store bought shredded cheese uses potato starches (carbs) to keep the cheese from ...


Easy Household Tips - How to Slice Cheese the Easy Way

Joni Hilton

Stop struggling to slice hard cheeses, and do it this easy way!


Slicing cheese using the dinki-di peeler

Simon Eder


Cut Your Grocery Bill/ Save Money on Lunch Meat/3 Ways to buy deli meat & cold cuts/Cheap Lunch Meat

Some people call it luncheon meat, cold cuts, deli meat, lunch meat, No matter what you call it, if you're not careful, it can be really expensive. If you're looking for ...


Cheese Slicer


Cut the cheese this holiday with a DIY cheese slicer! This beginner woodworking project is great as a gift, and can be easily remade to suit your own personal ...


Artisan Cheese Making --A Hand-Made Curd Cutter! (Curd Harp)

Steve Benz

Using a hand-made curd cutter for precise curd cuts. Dimensions are 15-3/4" tall, 6-3/8" wide and 1/2" curd spacing. Made of Appalachian Cherry and maple, ...


New Cheese Slicer Demo -- Assembly and First Test


This is the new design. Build kits are available for sale and I will be uploading the complete build process soon.


Kitchen Pro Food Slicer Demo (FS-75)


The Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer for home use slices fresh meat, firm cheeses and bread right on your countertop – it's like having your own deli!


Cheese Slicer Monaco+

Boska Holland

Put your hands in the air, give us a cheer, the new and improved Cheese Slicer Monaco is here! It's got the modern, elegant, solid stainless steel looks that ...


DIY Ten Wire Soap Cutter For $20 *Make It Yourself!*

Jan Garcia

My other channel is at this link: Material I used for this project: 1"x 3" wood plank 15/16" ...


Cheese Cutting Boards

Dan Lecocq

I make a few cheese-cutting boards for Christmas presents. I purchased the hardware from, where they ...


How To Cut Cheese With A Cheese Knife Video |

Rada Cutlery - A video demonstrating how to cut cheese using the Rada Cutlery Cheese Knife. The cheese knife or cheese slicer is used to cut ...


How to Make a Fruit Platter | Best Fruit Platter Video #desert #fruit

This is How to Make a Fruit Platter. Fruits best suited are these variety of melons, best if sized similarly, used as the base fruits; watermelon, honeydew, ...


How to make a Soap Cutter | Giveaway | DIY Soap Cutter | How to Make Your Own Soap Cutter

It's finally GIVE-A-WAY time! In this video, I show how I tweaked a cheese slicer to become a handy soap cutter. And if you enter the giveaway, you could be ...