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make a Chamfer plane

10 months ago Young Je

wood : maple,lace wood final dimensions : 8 1/4(L) X 2 (H) X 1 3/4 (W)


The Philly Planes Chamfer Plane

9 years ago Phillysawdust

A demonstration of the Chamfer plane - make quick and accurate chamfers in wood using a hand plane. Available only from


make a low angle jack plane

2 years ago Young Je

Naver: Google+: Lumber Jocks: bed angle : 13 degrees ...


DIY shoulder plane

4 years ago ShopBuilt

This shoulder plane is made from maple and padauk. It was pretty fun researching and coming up with a design for this project. I ended up with something pretty ...

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Wood DIY

2 months ago IZBLAB!


60- homemade shoulder plane / Rabot guillaume fait maison

homemade shoulder plane with an old chisel and recycled wood. Rabot guillaume fait maison avec un vieux ciseau a bois et un morceau de bois de récup' ...


Building a infill plane

Transferring a Stanley block plane into a Infill plane.


Plow Planes in Brown 53

Yankee Plow 0:01 E.W. Carpenter 1:00 Center Wheel Plow. Ohio Tool Co. No. 110 1:58 Center Wheel Plow. Sandusky No. 140. 2:27 Ivory Tipped Plow. Casey ...


Making a small hand plane

2 years ago Matthias Wandel

Making a hand plane (palm plane) from scratch. I use a hand plane like this mostly to chamfer and round over corners.

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1 year ago Vun Ng


Ⓕ Chamfer & Bevel Jig For Dowels (ep91)

4 months ago Nick Ferry

I was adding a chamfer or chamfering the ends to some wood dowels on my spindle sander. To make the bevel consistent I decided to make a beveling jig to ...

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Build With Wood

1 month ago Michal Dino


Make a bird eye jack plane

10 months ago Young Je

Bed angle : 48.5 degrees Blade : PINNACLE 2 " Wood : bird eye maple, mahogany plane length : 13 1/2 "


Making a Kerfing Saw

1 year ago Wood Eater

This video is my second entry for Mitch Peacock #TOOLMake17 Challenge. More info And the #toolmake17 ...


Making low angle infill plane part-1

1 year ago Young Je


Using an Electric Hand Plane - Beginners #24

3 years ago WoodWorkWeb

Read Full Article Here - Electric hand planes are great little tools, in this video we show how to use them ** Like me at Facebook: ...


Make a Plane from a HOCK Plane Kit -- Old Style

11 years ago HockTools

Assemble a Krenov-style wooden plane from a HOCK Plane Kit #KF150.


Router Bits for Beginners | Rockler Skill Builders

In this video the most common types of router bits are explained for the novice woodworker. The Rockler router bits highlighted in this video include: Straight, ...


How to Make hand plane like japanese hand plane style

2 years ago Joynim

Making handplane like japanese handplane style I'm still learning how to make a good japanese handplane. cause on the youtube video, i see it works great.


DIY How To Make A Router Plane / BCDesign01

1 year ago BCDesign

I made this DIY How To Make A Router Plane video after watching Paul Sellars fantastic videos about making your own DIY woodworking tools. It is really simple ...