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Diy~ No Wire~ Sconce Light Hack!

I am so excited to be showing you this led sconce light hack I recently learned about. This is an easy beginner diy level project, but adds so much warmth to a ...


Make your own LED Lighting Panels

3 years ago GreatScott!

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Making a Bent Lamination Wall Light

In this video I'm making a bent lamination wall light from wood veneer. I wanted to test bent lamination with thin wood veneer, because it makes tight curves and ...


Dollar Tree DIY Wrought Iron Mirrored Wall Sconce - Quick & Easy Less than $3

9 months ago LifeAt50&Beyond

Hi everyone, here's another Dollar Tree DIY using the plastic fence from the Dollar Tree. This is how I made a wall sconce with light using Dollar Tree items.


Build an LED Light-Shelf

5 years ago DIY Perks

In light of achieving over one-thousand subscribers (thanks everyone!), I thought I'd make another how-to video. In this one, I will show you how to build a ...


Making A Led light wall art !!!

in this video i have some scrap wood left by a friend that use my tools! so was the opportunity to make something deferent !!! i hope you like it we will speak again ...


Diy LED outdoor lamp

2 years ago Mladen 365

In the shop this simple lamp cost 55 euro i made it for 8 euro,it is made from plastic tube,LED light,some paint and power adapter,consumption of that outdoor ...


DIY Wall Sconces w/ MAZ-TEK Plug-In Led Lights- Home Decor-Dollar Stores

5 months ago Design On A Dollar

PLEASE READ*** 20% OFF coupon code:20MRQNDE MAZ-TEK Plug-In Led Night Light Light with Auto Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Adjustable brightness ...


3 Easy DIY Home Decor | Magnetic Lamp, Concrete Candle Holder, Planters

1 year ago DIY Creators

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30 DIY Vintage Industrial Pulley Lamp

30 DIY Vintage Industrial Pulley Lamp Pulley lights have been around since the mid 1900's where they were most commonly used to light tables in the kitchen ...


Diy LED Desk Lamp With Concrete Base

2 years ago DIY Creators

Thanks for watching. If you like what I do Support me at View all my plans In this video ill ...


How to Make 3W Led Wall Paper Lamp Light for Home Decoration

2 years ago ZYME

how to make 3W Square LED Lamp Wall Fixtures Sconces at Home using of 3W led diode ,card board , glue gun,foil easy way red blue green.


3 DIY wall mouldings you can do at home (we promise!)

2 months ago Cityline

Wall moulding can take a wall from 0 to 100. The Bro Laws show us an easy way to treat walls at home. As long as you can use a miter saw and a tape measure, ...


3W Wall LED back light study bedroom bedside hotel

1 year ago Akter Hossen

3W Wall LED back light study bedroom bedside hotel 3W Wall LED backlight study bedroom bedside hotel hallway stairs creative corridor lights 110-220V ...


Wooden Light Bulb Shaped Lamp (FS Woodworking)

An easy and cheap to make woodworking project video from FS Woodworking. Free plans: ...


LED Short Circuit bulb in outdoor wall sconce

1 year ago Gary Seputis


Deer Head LED Wall Lamp

1 year ago Alice wu

Shop Art Wall Lamp At ...


wire cage wall sconce led dimmable metal industri

6 months ago ankur makavana

CMYK Wire Cage Wall Sconce, LED Dimmable Metal Industrial Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall Light Shade Vintage Style Edison Mini Antique Fixture For Headboard ...


12 Projects of Christmas - Project #5 Plug In 4-Arm Wall Sconce

Using our DIY Lamp Parts and Cloth Covered Electrical Cord, we wired up a 4-arm wall sconce with a wood slab from a leftover project. 0:01 Intro/Explanation ...


Dallas Lighting Market June 2013 - LED Wall Sconce from Holtkotter

5 years ago CapitolLighting Paul Eusterbrock of Holtkotter shows ...