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make an easy taser out of a disposable camera!!! easy and practicaly free!!!

8 years ago drivemakeshoot

here is how to make a fun easy taser that is practically free!!! You can get free used cameras where they develop film.


How To Make a Simple DIY Tazer!

1 year ago science1324

In this video, I will show you how you can make a tazer for under $15! Lazy Day by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ...


The Most Complete DIY Taser Tutorial On YouTube

(More in description) In this tutorial, I will teach you how to build a taser completely from scratch. You will learn how to make a powerful pulse transformer, and ...


Homemade DIY 700000 Volt Very high voltage Taser

1 year ago ZoDa Design

Look the full tutorial "How to build simple TASER with recycled materials":


Easy DIY taser

6 years ago tebowtimer15

Simple to make.


How to make your own taser at home

1 year ago AMAZING YASH

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How to make a SPY PEN TASER

In this video I will tell you how to make a spy electric shock pen! With the help of spy electric shock pen you can play a trick on your friend at school or work.


HOW to Make Taser at Home (Low Voltage)

1 year ago HOW iT Happen

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Frickin' TASER Nerf Darts

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Joab Reviews the Survivor's Self Defense Stun Gun

Joab Reviews the Survivor's Self Defense Stun Gun.


How to make a Taser at home HIGH VOLTAGE (easy)

1 month ago Abdingo

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How To Make A 75,000 Volt Taser - Easy!

You can get the converter Buy one on Amazon ...


DIY: Make a Taser Gun -Sparks Generator/Ignitor + LED Flash light for less than $4, powered by 18650

2 years ago vuaeco

The LED is 3-3.7V Bead LED. Cost 10 cents each or 10 pieces for $1 -High voltage generator: cost $1.78. -Misc: about $2. -Total: less than $4.


Taser homemade 700000 Volts

1 year ago ZoDa Design

DIY Taser realizzato con materiale di ciciclo In questo video vi spiego come realizzare un sistema di difesa personale con materiale di riciclo. link per ...


How to make a taser

Inspired by: link to boost converter: ...


How to Build: The TESLA Shield (Electro-Stun Riot Shield)

1 year ago ZNA Productions

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*Real Test* Me vs. Barracuda BC37 Stun gun 3,700,000 volts. The real lowdown and showdown.

5 years ago azb745

STUN GUNS ARE A SCAM! I do not mean to sound aggressive in this video. I am just pumped up and showing that after use on an attacker/threat they would ...


How to make a simple electric shocker out of a barbeque lighter

5 years ago JoshBuilds

Showing you how to make a device that shocks people by simply taking apart a barbecue lighter. It can be used to give shocks to people and is a cool gadget ...


Stun Guns 101 - Stun Gun Myths

2 months ago SABRE Red

Often in advertisements or in packaging of stun guns you see manufacturers talk about volts or voltage. Going back a few decades you'd see voltage claims ...


Homemade High Voltage Taser

1 year ago Bob Diaz

This is the homemade Taser I built using the module from All Electronics. The first ...