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How to Make Styrofoam Cutter with Angle Guide (Complete Easy Tutorial)

This is a very easy and complete tutorial for making a hot wire Cutter / styro-slicer. It can cut almost every Plastic, Styrofoam, thermopore and soda bottles. Enjoy!


Foam cutter - How to make it the easy way!


How to build a foam cutting table the simple way... to cut foam, styrofoam or plastic. There are many of videos showing different ways to build your own hot wire ...

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Foam Crafts

Kyle Knight


How To Make A Simple Foam Cutter (Life Hack) - D.I.Y GURU JI


material needed: 1. soldering iron 2. screwdriver 3. nose plier 4. a small piece of copper wire 5. Thermo col board for testing #diyguruji #solderingstuff Stay ...

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DIY Project

Valentin Tanev


How to make a SMART USB FOAM CUTTER with Just 5 mins


DIY: How to make a SMART USB FOAM CUTTER with Just 5 mins Hi, there, my dear friends, in this video I will show you an interesting idea how to make a ...


angle cutting with subtitles


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Things to do

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יצירת מכשיר לחיתוך קלקר

jacob dub

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Foam cutting

Salvador Chavez

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Cortar foam

Lissette acosta


DIY Hot Wire Foam Cutter for handicraft in 20 minutes

It's easy! How to make Hot Wire Foam Cutter in 20 minutes! The most important thing that you need: 1. Wood cutting boards for kitchen 2. Power supply for ...

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Hot Wire


Build Your Own Hot Wire Foam Cutter - Professional Tools for Modelers

Luke Towan

A hot wire foam cutter is a must for anyone who is serious about modeling with foam. Foam is an extremely useful and versatile material when it comes to model ...

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styrofoam cutter

xcvb xcvb


Build Styrofoam cutter EASY Low cost - Detailed guide DIY


Tutorial on how to make a simple styrofoam cutter using Khanthal wire. Perfect for yout model railroad, RPG miniature terrain, tabletop fantasy or diorama ...


Hot Wire Foam Cutters "Tips and Tools"


Support Will via Patreon: ✅ Tip Jar: via PayPal to: This is a tips and tools video for arts ...

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Foam cutter

TheFatalTortus 42

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DIY Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Jorge Ruiz